Topic: America

Perhaps the biggest mistake in American history - allowing government to educate our children
Percent of infants under age 1 who are not white in the USA
The original Brexit
Putin vs Obama tough guys
What has Ameica become
The good ole days in America when a man could support his family
Frederick Douglass quote Americans rights are in three boxes election - jury - cartridge
Democrats want you to believe in American ACCEPTualism
I believe it is okay to say Merry Christmas and God Bless America
I miss the America I grew up in
America had roads schools colleges railroads and a miliatry before it had an income tax
Liberals Suck - In America Today - PC is mind control
ISIS in the middle wast vs the Progressives in America See the difference - neither do I
Lies Obama told while looking America in the eyes
Proud American Christian
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