Benghazi Poem
Family Feud Name Something that frightens liberals
If a socialist a communist and a progressive democrat walk into a bar who buys the drinks
Working bitches
Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton crowd shot at Trump inauguration
Im so sick of the government reading but never liking my statuses
Embarrasing Manchild President of the United States Makes Time for Disgusting YouTube Star GloZell
HeeHaw Michelle and Obie 1 Kenyobie
Mooch looks like the statue of David lmbo
Barack Insane Ocyrus
CLINTONspelled out
Robin Morgan radical feminist hates herself because she is white
Obama Umbrella - Problem Solved
Governor Christie and Obama Strolling Hand in Hand
obama and mooch welcoming communist Chinese President
CRAZY LOOKS James Holmes batman shooter vs Nancy Pelosi
Clowns to the Left of me Jokers to the Right - Pope between obama and Kerry
Have you ever seen a cow walking a RINO
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