When debate is lost Slander becomes the tool of the losers Socrates quote
Never argue with stupid people Mark Twain Quote
Landing on the moon American Exceptionalism at its finest
Omarosas History of Being Fired
Lanny Davis
Canada Entry
Red Hen Pussy Hat Family
Happy Fathers Day Michelle Obama
Trump steamed off Justin Trudeau's eyebrow
Wooly Justin Trudeau toy - draw on eyebrows - hehehe
Chile vs Venezuela
Its Not the Breed Its the Owner
Make North Korea Great Again - When Kim Gets Trumped
My culture is not your fashion Zebra
Dont assume my gender on mothers day
1940s photo women sewing American flags
The Trump Effect - When North and South Korea come together holding hands
On the eve of the civil war no Republcan owned slaves all were owned by Democrats Dinesh
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