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TeamNetworks.Net is a private website community established in 2011, and owned by Wanda Hope Carter, who is also the owner and operator of and Besides being a website builder and owner, a private political activist, and a networking specialist, she is also an artist and author of inspirational works including a long time best selling poster, To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs.

TeamNetwork.Net's slogan is "Upholding the American Dream, Together We Make it Happen!” The purpose of the community is to provide a positive safe place for members to meet intelligent, creative, likeminded people, where they can network, plan, organize, grow, and share information. Wanda Hope Carter is also a member, a daily poster and participant with other members.

Some may find us similar to Facebook but at the same time there are many differences. Similar to Facebook, at TeamNetworks.Net members have a profile page, unlike Facebook, members can decorate their pages in countless ways.

TeamNetworks.Net Member Profile Pages

Similar to Facebook, members can befriend and follow other members, post status updates, share links, make and join groups, upload videos, place ads and post pictures. Unlike Facebook, members can also blog, create polls, upload audio files, post auctions and sell items in the automated marketplace with complete privacy controls for every post.

Another way we are unlike Facebook is that we feature members’ public posts around the site. We also promote items our members post publicly such as popular news stories, blogs, images and videos, on our extended networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The best way we are unlike Facebook is that everyone on our site is validated to be a real person allowing members to share and comment with confidence in that they are not likely dealing with the many undesirables that roam the internet looking for victims.

One of the primary motivations for building this site came from Wanda’s experiences with networking and blogging in public arenas on sites that exercise little or no restraint against those who are dangerous to other members. Commonly found on interactive networks are those who: Bully, Stalk, Entrap or Manipulate, Use multiple profiles to harass, sway opinion or attack, Spam, Hack, Are identity thieves, Paid shills, Government spies, or Pornography peddlers to name just a few of the risks and dangers that can come from participating in interactive or network communities!

Internet Dangers

At TeamNetworks.Net, while we can’t absolutely guarantee none of these dangers will exist, we think our membership verification system and diligence to protect our community will keep them to an absolute minimum.

Finally, there is another very important way that we are not like Facebook or any of the other major data mining networks, besides the fact that we do not data mine our members, we will never have billions of users. Membership is limited to USA residents and the nature of our site along with membership validation attracts those who genuinely seek to belong to a positive, safe, friendly, helpful, full featured community. At TeamNetworks.Net we don’t focus on boasting about the number of members we serve and we don’t engage in the common practice of creating fake profiles to make us look more popular. We aim to provide a high quality community for high quality members who will enjoy being part of our unique experience.

How did we come up with $1.89 for membership?

When deciding how much to charge for verification we wanted to make the cost of membership as minimal as possible and the method to be as un-intrusive as possible while still providing reliable authentification.

One day while at a convenience store, Wanda was walking through the aisles noticing how many items sold for $1.89. There were candy bars, canned drinks, hot dogs, and chips just for starters. All of these things would last a person only as long as it took to consume it. She thought, if having access to such a feature rich site, protecting oneself and being online with nice friendly people who have their mind set on improving the future wasn’t worth at least $1.89 to someone, they likely wouldn’t appreciate all that the site has to offer anyway.

What your membership includes:

A membership certificate and welcome letter.

Access to and use of the member areas according to your membership level. There are four free membership levels offering increasing access and usage of our site which are achieved by points earned when you participate with posts and comments. There are also four subscription membership levels for access to special areas, and to better accomodate pro-users who need more cloud storage or advanced features.

Membership is also free with any purchase on where the shipping address matches the billing address. Other ways to gain free membership are available through purchases found elsewhere or by attending public presentations given by the owner.

What Members Say:

I feel comfortable here; it's like stopping by a friend's house and finding a party of other friends in progress and being welcomed in. There's a warmth here that one can't find elsewhere on other social sites.

I feel safe here and free to post my artwork without concern that it will be stolen.

I can make outrageous comments and my friends will enjoy them and not take them personally.

I can have discourse on a topic, present my arguments, and still keep my friendships, even though we agree to disagree.

Our "mother hen" cares about ALL her chicks, and is always working to ensure the quality of their experience here and their protection from unpleasant and discordant things.

But best of all, I have met a whole slew of smart, articulate, like-minded people, who have become friends I care about deeply, even though I may never actually meet them in person. They are a support group par excellence, and their worth is beyond measure.

~Marge Pauls

I trust many of the members of this site. Fakes have a hard time gaining a foothold here because of the commitment of the management and many members not letting this become a free for all for insults, lies, and hard feelings. Controversy is allowed, disrespect is frowned upon.


I have known TeamNetworks.Net owner and operator for around eight years and we've become good friends simply by respecting each other through what we have brought to the forum.

I'm finding the world nowadays a very hostile environment and that's why I particularly like my daily visits to TeamNetworks.Net. We all get along regardless of our disagreements on any subject. It's just a very nice place to visit, a very welcoming atmosphere and almost like home!

~Lois Calzone

There are no hidden agendas and everyone is welcome to do their own thing. I don't worry about my every move being logged, sold or traded. The people I've met so far are intelligent and amiable.

~Robert Kenard

I value TeamNetworks.Net because I'm less likely to encounter BS here. Also, it attracts a community of individuals who are interested in arguments for preserving the constitutional order of this nation.

~Ms Constitution

It's not a corporate site and I like the members. I always find something I haven't seen anywhere else.

~Carl Spencer

I won't join any other network. I was never tempted to join here until Dale, (my husband) joined and he liked it. He said I was bugging him because every time he logged on I found myself reading over his shoulder so I finally joined. I like it very well.

~Sister Sarah

I signed up to be a member because the people are nice and I had a bad experience before on another network. I think it is worth it to know people are real and you don't have to worry about scams and stalkers!


I like TN because every member is welcomed and be made to feel at home. A place where conservative minded people come to discuss politics, political agendas, political correctness, even pop culture. Members are encouraged to join interest groups and equally encouraged to create their own specialty group. I can blog, post photos and music videos, and even buy, sell or trade items. There's even a feature to buy on Amazon from TN. Best of all, I feel safe on TN. The site is invite only and I don't have to feel guarded against losers and fakes.

~Mark Bailey

When I was invited to be a member I had never been on a network before outside of a forum for my Church. I've enjoyed being here and I have learned a lot. With one exception, everyone has treated me politely. I've since noticed that person seems to be gone. Thank you.

~William Davis Hall

This was my first network to be on and everyone is nice. I like being able to decorate my page here. I can't do that on Facebook.

~Lati Hall

You did a great job with the site! It's Ono! Lots of aloha and news. I don't get on line much for fun and this is the only community site I take time to visit. Keep up the good work!


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