I not  only  refuse  to  host a site on  GoDaddy, I won't even work on a site hosted by GoDaddy. BUT I have names hosted there, so I am stuck with their insanity because the hassle of moving them is not worth the short time I have to deal with it, even  barely, when the names auto renew.

This year I needed to update contact information so I had to actually deal with their site and ultimately their  (lack of) customer service. Checking auto renew settings I decided to take a look at the option of just going ahead and renewing. I noticed the default setting was for two years. This caused me to wonder if the auto-renew was only for a year as I expected, or was it too defaulting to two years. That sounds like a simple enough question right? WRONG     

After not finding the answer to it, in their options to explore online, I thought a quick chat might be worth the time because I don't want auto-renew if it is for two years. A call was out  of the question, because from past experiences I knew the hold could be endless, if not long at best, and the chance I would get someone who is fluent in English was slim to none. 

The following is the transcript of that chat and I might add the chat window itself caused my keyboard to go screwy so I'm not sure what kind of script they run that would cause that or if the connection might have been hacked.


Info at 23:43, Jun 12:

Finding you the right agent… You’re now #4 in line. Your estimated wait is: 1 minutes.

Info at 23:44, Jun 12:

You're chatting with peesari.

peesari at 23:44, Jun 12:

Hi there, thank you for contacting GoDaddy, My Name is Uma in support chat. Can I have your name?

You at 23:45, Jun 12:

Hi I am just checking to see if auto renew only renews for one year at a time -- that's what I want

My name is___________

peesari at 23:46, Jun 12:

Now that I am aware of the situation, I will definitely try my best to fix it for you INSERTNAMEHERE

peesari at 23:46, Jun 12:

MYLASTNAMEHERE is really good name.

You at 23:46, Jun 12:

? Is there something to fix?

You at 23:46, Jun 12:


peesari at 23:46, Jun 12:

I will definitely be able to assist you with your query. Before I do that may I have your customer number? You can input the response in the secure form given below.

peesari at 23:46, Jun 12:

peesari has sent you a Secure Form: EN-US Customer Number

peesari at 23:48, Jun 12:

I definitely will make sure that it gets sorted…

You at 23:49, Jun 12:

ummm I didn't get a mail just checked - or not yet - this is just a general question here not asking you to do anything but answer - when an account is set to auto renew - is that just for a year at a time?

peesari at 23:50, Jun 12:

I need to check and tell the correct information of you r account.

You at 23:50, Jun 12:

Account number __________________

peesari at 23:51, Jun 12:

Sometime auto renew is working only if you make it on.

peesari at 23:51, Jun 12:

Great! Thank you, can I also have your 4 digit PIN to validate securely into your account. This is for customer verification purpose. Kindly input your response in the secure form below.

peesari at 23:51, Jun 12:

peesari has sent you a Secure Form: EN-US PIN

You at 23:51, Jun 12:

yes it is on - so if I let i t auto renew-isit

You at 23:52, Jun 12:

dang sorryh aving issues wi th ke y b o ar d

peesari at 23:52, Jun 12:

I will check it in your account and inform you.

Please enter Pin in secure form

peesari at 23:52, Jun 12:

peesari has sent you a Secure Form: EN-US PIN

peesari at 23:53, Jun 12:

So, that it will be easy for me to check.

You at 23:53, Jun 12:

just want to be sure it is only for 1 year

peesari at 23:54, Jun 12:

No problem, you can get attached new keyboard if you are facing any problem.

You at 23:54, Jun 12:

where are you sending the pen?

peesari at 23:55, Jun 12:

Sure, I will make clarity about the auto renew.

peesari at 23:56, Jun 12:

Can you please fill the secure pin form below.

peesari at 23:56, Jun 12:

peesari has sent you a Secure Form: EN-US PIN

peesari at 23:56, Jun 12:

So that i can check is auto renew is on of off.

You at 23:57, Jun 12:

I am looking at it on - it's on - whereare you sending the pen I'm not  gett ing one

You at 23:58, Jun 12:

forgetitIgiveup-this is a simplequestion

peesari at 23:58, Jun 12:

It is easy to find Pin, you will find it on top right corner near customer number.

peesari at 23:59, Jun 12:

The following Secure Form has been submitted: EN-US PIN

peesari at 23:59, Jun 12:

Lovely. Thank you.

peesari at 0:00, Jun 13:

Such a great work.

peesari at 0:00, Jun 13:

I am happy, we are on same page.

peesari at 0:01, Jun 13:

Let me quickly validate into your account and check the settings. It will take a moment to review.

peesari at 0:03, Jun 13:

Here I found a good news Auto-renew is on for the all domains.

You at 0:03, Jun 13:

my question is so simple- I don't want youto do anything on my account -just answer if one year is standard for auto renew

You at 0:04, Jun 13:

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr forget it

I never dealt with their "customer service." I just backed out of 2 years and set it for 1 year. Bingo-Bango!
  • June 13, 2019
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