AOC has just proclaimed that housing is a basic right... Who needs a pesky mortgage, insurance and foolish realtors? All you have to do is leave it to AOC, and word has it, she patterned her idea after the German smash hit in 1940 Poland. Of course AOC had help with this project from Democratic members of Congress ~ Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, et. al.! Below is their project model:

"Beginning with the invasion of Poland during World War II, the regime of Nazi Germany set up ghettos across occupied Europe in order to segregate and confine Jews, and sometimes Romani people, into small sections of towns and cities furthering their exploitation. In German documents, and signage at ghetto entrances, the Nazis usually referred to them as Jüdischer Wohnbezirk or Wohngebiet der Juden, both of which translate as the Jewish Quarter. There were several distinct types including open ghettos, closed ghettos, work, transit, and destruction ghettos, as defined by the Holocaust historians. In a number of cases, they were the place of Jewish underground resistance against the German occupation, known collectively as the ghetto uprisings.". 

This project will initially be provided free of charge to the Jewish as in the past, then expanded to many different groups based on religious, political and wealth status... Stay tuned for more! Exclusions are available for members of Congress and select people of faith!

Safari Woman
I don't think AOC has one original thought in her head
  • June 7, 2019
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anyone for an office pool on her I.Q?
  • June 12, 2019
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