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There continues to exist a common misconception in America today that, during the 1860’s there was a “civil war,” and indeed the conflagration that took place then is commonly referred to as either the “Civil War” or the “American Civil War.”  My personal preference of the name for this particular conflict is The War of the Northern Aggression, which is far more descriptive of what really happened.



By definition, a civil war is a conflict between two or more opposing factions for control of the central government.  The “American Civil War” was no such event.  The opposing sides, just two of them, were not fighting for control of the central government.  Rather, the existing government of the United States of America, by then representing only the northern tier of remaining states plus a few unorganized territories, INVADED the Confederate States of America, by then a completely separately-existing sovereign nation, ultimately forcibly conquering it and imposing its will upon the unwilling Confederate populace.  To this day, the remnants of the Confederate States of America remain a conquered nation, the will of an uninvited and unwelcome occupying force still being imposed upon it, not only by government but by both official and unofficial agents of government, witness the current 24/7 imposition of political correctness upon an unwilling populace!


This all matters today because we now find our country involved, since 2009, in a Cold Civil War.  We are more ideologically divided today than we were during the 1850’s.  And the current Cold Civil War could become hot in short order.  Thanks to the pathology increasingly displayed by the lunatic Left, the prognosis for the survival of our country is not good.


I recently finished reading an interesting book, coincidently bearing the title of  The Coming Civil War, Kawczynski, Tom.  2019.  Columbia, SC.  Though the currently Amazon-available edition addresses a most important topic and does so quite thoroughly, the work could still benefit from a thorough re-edit.  Try it and you’ll see what I mean.  The author examines several scenarios in detail, and I found myself becoming somewhat depressed while reading some of them, as he agrees, d*mn near 100%, with what I’ve been saying for at least a decade!


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  • April 4, 2019
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