R. A. Schultz



I have long thought that any person born or residing legally in any country in North, Central, or South America, or the islands of the Caribbean, can legitimately claim to be an AMERICAN.  They are all, indeed, citizens or residents of the American Hemisphere.  However, in Spanish, the correct term for one born, naturalized, or legally residing in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is Estadounidense, from Los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica, which, in itself, re-emphasizes the fact that we’re referring to the northern half of the American Hemisphere.


It is readily apparent from the actions of the thugs currently storming our southern border, and hiding behind women in children in the process, that they have absolutely ZERO interest in EVER becoming Estadounidenses.  In fact, from observing some of their actions, I have come to doubt that they are capable of behaving as humanos!


They come to our border carrying and waving the flags of the countries they are supposedly fleeing, throwing stones and screaming foul obscenities at our border officers, insulting us and our government, and mocking our established legitimate processes for admission to our country.  They are merely seeking a handout and the opportunity to prey upon our citizenry.  Their allies within our borders, indeed, within our own national legislature, urge them on and refuse to even protect We the People from the large criminal element they harbor.


The enemy, the SAVAGES are at the gate!  The Shining City on the Hill, the last best hope for the freedom of all mankind, is teetering and about to fall, while members of a fifth column in our nation’s Capitol purport to “make a statement” during one of the most important and uplifting addresses ever made to us by any president; while total airheads chatter about demanding a free ride and free stuff for everybody, to be paid for simply by printing more money.


I am totally disgusted with these people.  We should banish them AND their friends the invaders from our midst forever.

  • February 8, 2019
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The 5th Column is perfectly apt!
  • February 8, 2019
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Safari Woman is online.
TY BlueMax I share in the feeling of disgust, to my very soul, and pray we find a way to overcome them one way or another or else America is lost. I'd rather the way be non violent!!! But I'm not sure they will allow it to happen that way. They are desperate and desperate measures are already their ...
  • February 9, 2019
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