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I’m beside myself with anticipation!  Fox News is running ads about every three minutes touting their forthcoming wall-to-wall all-day-long “coverage” of the State of the Union message (Tuesday, February 5, 9:00 PM EST). 


I simply can’t wait for the coverage to start, likely around 5:00 AM Tuesday, so I can subject myself to sixteen freakin’ hours of mindless speculation, conjecture, prediction, hope, expectation, suggestion, innuendo, and punditry, even before POTUS enters the House Chamber!  What’s especially pleasing to witness is a panel of talking heads with $h*t for brains arguing over each other so you can’t understand a word that’s being spoken!


Then, after approximately ninety minutes of presidential speechifying, we can listen to an interminable Progturd response from a semi-literate oversized racist loudmouth who lost the Georgia gubernatorial election!  And THEN, we can listen to another several hours of even MORE speculation as to what POTUS MEANT by what he said and what the oversized Progturd MEANT by her response!  Followed by the inevitable repeats of everything!


: : : sigh : : :


Actually, I think I’ll tune in to Fox around 8:59 PM, watch the entirety of the speech, turn the TV off, and finish the book I’m reading.


Frankly, I couldn’t give a fiddler’s d*mn what ANY of these talking heads have to say about anything.  And this is what passes for NEWS?

It hasn't been "news" for about 20 years! It's an "event," the likes of which began with Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, and became entrenched with the OJ Simpson slow chase.
  • February 4, 2019
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Safari Woman is online.
That's what I did pretty much - first I don't really watch TV so haven't seen any of the build up, and tonight I turned on the TV at about 8:59 to FOX, only waited a minute for the President to come in and start speaking and then it got turned off before the progressive response. I read on Twitter i...
  • February 6, 2019
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