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September 30, 2013
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United States

What is the point of points?

There are lots of uses for TeamNetworks.Net Activity points such as you can purchase official TeamNetworks.Net marketplace items with them, give them to your friends, upgrade your memberships, or send egifts to your friends.

Members can also earn points for free by participating around the site. Values vary according to the activity and the membership level that a member is currently in. Higher membership levels reward more points than lower levels for most activities.



You can purchase points by visiting the home page, clicking the activity points link to the right of your profile picture, and clicking "Purchase Points," Illustrated Here. Points purchased from that location will be added to your account immediately upon the completion of the transaction.

Below you will find smaller numbers of points that can be purchased but they are not immediately credited to your account until the order is processed by hand.

TeamNetWorks.Net Activity Points are valued at $1.00 @ 1,000 points


TeamNetworks.Net Order Processing, Taxes, Return Policies

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