These garden stakes are inexpensive and fun to make. If you don't have a garden and like this kind of project, they would make wonderful original gifts for your gardening friends. Even porch gardens and indoor plants could benefit from a few of these colorful stakes.You can always cut the length or buy shorter stakes for different types of applications.

This is the closest thing to folk art I've ever tried. At first I thought I might be detailed on each piece such as I somewhat started out on the cat and dog.

But the time required to be that decorative wasn't available to me so I went with the most basic decorating I could come up with for the stakes to still be colorful and interesting.

As a collection they added a lot of color and served well to mark the various fruits, vegetables and herbs especially once they grew to waist heights. Most importantly they made me smile every time I went to the back yard where my garden was located!


What you need:

If you like to shop local, I've listed where you can typically find these items. They can also be easily found online. I've provided links to my Amazon affiliate profile to help get you started. *If you click these links and purchase, I might make a small commission

Wooden shapes that are approximately 4.5 x 4.5 inches. These are readily available at local hobby stores. If you want thicker depths than can be found, you can always glue two or more together then lightly sand the edges.

On Amazon:

48 pack Insects that will enhance not harm your garden.

Combo pack of unfinished bugs, flowers and flying things.

Butterflies 40 piece combo pack.

Flower Power Pack

Plain standard wood stakes. Find them at garden centers.

On Amazon:

4' Wooden Stakes

Acrylic Paints in multiple colors and a small brush set that includes a range of sizes from at least 1/8th to 1/2" sized brushes. Be sure to buy extra for the color you want to paint the stake if not a variable color. Mine were all green. Commonly found in stores that carry Hobbies, and Arts and Crafts.

On Amazon:

Acrylic Paints and Brushes Kit

A black waterproof medium tipped marker or a label maker if you want to add a plant name or other personalized comment on the stake. Maybe you might want to encourage your plant to "GROW!" Or give it a little extra "LOVE."

On Amazon:

Two pack markers

My favorite kind of versatile label maker

Outdoor grade polyurethane. Available in home improvement and hardware stores. *Not absolutely required but highly recommended for two finishing coats if they are going to be used in an outdoor garden where they are constantly exposed to the elements.

On Amazon:

Minwax Polyurethane is one of my favorite brands

Glue for attaching the topper to the stake available in hardware or office supply stores.

On Amazon:

My favorite is Gorilla Glue


As you can see by my pictures, talent is optional!

The steps you need to take.

Paint the wooden toppers and stakes however you like front and back.

Attach the toppers with strong glue to the stakes.

Apply anything you want written on the stakes with a black magic marker or with labels you've created and glued on.

Brush on or dip the entire piece with polyurethane for outdoor use either after writing on them or before you apply the label depending on which way you go.

Let them dry overnight without a poly coat or other recommended time according to the polyurethane directions if used.

Dig a little bit of a starter hole before trying to jam these in the dirt and make sure they are deep enough to brace against a stiff wind if used outdoors. (I found this out the hard way!)


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