I had returned from picking up a new 8' stepladder yesterday and the retired teacher next door started talking to me. He said they were going down to Arizona with their grandson and daughter to see where the grandson was going to start his masters program.

As we talked I asked are you taking the RV, and he said yes they would tow the small car and everyone would go down in the RV. I asked how does the RV do on gas, he said that it varies generally it's about 8mpg but that could drop in the mountains and traffic.

Since I'm such a nice guy and knowing that he and his wife voted for China Joe, I could not help myself!!! I said well by the time you start your trip and get back Joe should have gas prices up to $4-5 per gallon, but since you have faith in him perhaps you can give him a call and he can cut you a stimulus check to cover your expenses on the trip just like he does for his family! The man gave me a sour look and I said hey, China Joe said earlier today in a whisper... It's free money... So what's to worry about right?

He started cutting the grass again and I came inside, satisfied that I got my message across... I can't get over how stupid these teachers are about civics and government, but they are all communists aren't they!

Topics: humor, liberals, idiots
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