Regression of Humanity,
How Big Pharma Is Risking Everything

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Fact Checked October 21, 2022

Media are reporting that pregnancy complications have spiked during the
COVID pandemic, but claim the cause is unknown.

Most blame the virus itself. But even then, they fail to address the fact
that it’s the spike protein that is the most likely culprit. The obvious reason for that is because
the spike protein is also what your body produces in response to the COVID shots.

Around the world, women are reporting abnormal menses and vaginal
hemorrhaging, both post-COVID and after exposure to the jab or someone who got the shot.
Birth rates have significantly dropped, and we’re seeing upticks in preeclampsia, miscarriages,
premature births and early puberty, as well as maternal and infant deaths.

Despite the clear risks of vaccinating during pregnancy, the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration has approved a whooping cough vaccine for newborns that is
given to mothers in the third trimester. This is the first vaccine aimed at infants that is
to be preemptively given to the mother during pregnancy.

While U.S. media celebrated the FDA’s authorization of COVID shots for
infants under the age of 5 last summer, European countries had long since stopped caring about
the pandemic, and the head of public health in Denmark admitted it was a mistake to vaccinate
children between the ages of 5 and 11.


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