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In the mid seventies USA media went wild with panicky reports about "Africanized Killer Bees" from Brazil making their way to shortly arrive in our country. Every news show, newspaper and many TV shows jumped on the bandwagon to spread fear and loathing of the dreaded Killer Bees. This went on in a dramatic fashion for as long as they could milk the gullible public. Terror and death was surely imminent, to hear them tell about it, and they created exactly the reaction they wanted in millions of people who couldn't stop worrying and talking about Killer Bees.

I'm not suggesting there haven't been a few isolated cases of injuries due to these bees, because there have been throughout the many years since then, but compared to the dire warnings the media was pumping out, the actual consequences have been minimal and we've reached a point where the entire episode is nothing but a distant memory.

No one is panicking over the Killer Bees anymore and they live among us.

While sensationalized stories and headlines sell advertisements and make money, it isn't the only reason the media is guilty of such mass hysteria brainwashing. This is the media's job when it is being used as Satan's tool because fear is the lowest vibration of the human spirit and it creates a hugely negative influence over the thoughts and actions of people who become affected by it. The oppression of mankind is what keeps Satanic forces busy. Plus frightened people are so much easier to control.

This is the same tactic we've seen employed over the originally named "Global Warming" currently labeled "Climate Change" fear mongering episode. Actually during the seventies there was another similar scare over Global Cooling and we were pressed to panic over the for sure existing conditions and upcoming Ice Age. A lot of young people who weren't even around then, like the girls In the twitter link below, or those who were too young to have noticed, don't realize they should question this current mass hysteria or why. 

During the Killer Bee scare, enough people had the common sense to view the wild eyed reports with skepticism and pop culture reflected it mostly through humor. One of my favorite responses was the creation of The Killer Bees skits aired by Saturday Night Live. Humor is a good healthy response to fear, especially fear of something that the media hypes up that isn't really rooted in a clear and present reality. The vibrations of laughter acts as a release of fear, they cancel out negativity and elevate the human spirit.

Tonight I saw this on twitter:

Climate Change Child Abuse!

This young girl is so terrified about "climate change" (weather) she can’t even speak to a journalist about her fears without breaking down in tears

The environmental Marxists have gotten their hands on our children and we have allowed it to happen. pic.twitter.com/IXjjS6bDLK

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) July 31, 2019

At first, I felt so sorry for these children who have seemed to have been led to believe the crazy hype of climate scare mongers. They have recently been bombarded with absurd claims made just to frighten people into reacting they way the storytellers want them to. Most recently we've seen repeated over and over that we only have twelve years left to survive. It is even coming from lawmakers, people we are supposed to be able to trust, at least as perceived as such by children, even if many adults realize some of the least trustworthy and dishonest people in the nation are sitting in Washington DC making laws for the rest of us.

They are also probably too young to remember the wild predictions by Al Gore just a few years ago, that we would all be doomed by now and our world be a watery wasteland.  These girls are so young they may not even know who Al Gore is. Yet here they appear to be cowering and crying over something that is a belief system pounded into their heads and hearts until they are crippled by it.

After I saw the video, while reading comments it was noted that the crying girl was an actor in Australia! But that makes it even more sad if true. It means children are being USED as tools to promote the lies and hype about just how much fear we should all be living with. Real children will see it, real parents, real people of all sorts and feel sorry for these girls like I did and wonder if they are worried enough and willing to sacrifice enough for their futures.

This is classic brainwashing and it isn't even an isolated incident. A child is also the leader of a United Nations effort on the same topic. I don't know which is worse for being more oppressive and evil, the fear imparted by this video or the use of the children to make it.

This isn't the blog for me to go into a long presentation of scientific information countering the climate scare but you will find interesting articles on the topic here. It also isn't the blog to explain the millionaires who want to be billionaires by trading on the CO2 exchange. BTW Gore helped set one up in Chicago because he was so sure he had the nation conned with his explosive and massively hyped scare mongering documentary. However, he hasn't sold his beach front property, changed his living in mansions or burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying around the world. In short, he hasn't changed his life one bit, but he still wants us to sacrifice freedoms for the sake of climate change and for the sake of making him a billionaire.

Remember when Obama said under his Cap and TRADE plan, the cost of electricity would skyrocket? Yeah, he was serious.

But I digress. This is just the blog to remind myself and anyone reading, that fear robs us of God's blessings and life's energy. The opposite of fear is faith. And there is no human or group of humans that are worthy of our unquestioning faith, and that only faith in God can be counted on. The state of being God created us to ideally exist in is at peace, empowered, and happy, not frantic, frightened and oppressed.


Please don't use Children as tools in political propaganda.

Please don't feed unfounded fear to Children in massive doses.

Please look deeply into any issue where the media is used to brainwash and hype up stories that are not 100% proven to be a reality, rather than a theory or an opinion.

PLEASE, stay funny, stay positive, stay happy, stay in faith and keep the negativity that marches around this world at bay.

Use your head, find your common sense, question everything, and refuse to allow media to control your thoughts, what you accept as facts or your emotions.

Finally, try to remember a human life is short, unlike our planet's life.



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Linda Mihalic
I thought the beginning of utterly strange BS was the slooooow chase of O.J. Simpson after he murdered his wife. That was followed quickly by the media circus attending the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan show. Since then, such BS has become de rigueur. Many people are like crows = fascinated and easil...
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