I recently posted this to a Murfreesboro group on Facebook. Just thought I'd post it here as well if anyone finds me from my hometown and wants to comment there. 


Maybe it is a good time to introduce myself. I have really enjoyed this group. My mother moved out of Murfreesboro to follow my father's job so I wasn't born there in 1953 but they moved back when I was nine months old and I lived there until we moved to another state when I was 12. At first we lived on a cotton farm in Christiana and later near the Evergreen Cemetery. But I had the good sense to return many times including when my children were born so they are natives.

I experienced many wonderful and personally tragic things there, so I am full of memories and I still have relatives in the area. I find it humorous to see people saying it isn't what it used to be. Gosh, I thought that the first time I returned in 1968 lol. Of course during every return trip since then, I've marveled at the changes. And the traffic complaints, I can remember us complaining when I was a kid and when by comparison there was probably nearly nobody on the roads back then.

What I find the most interesting in this group is the sense of community and helpfulness, as well as a great deal of plain talk to be truthful to say what ever is on someone's mind. This is how I remember growing up there with people who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it as well as who wouldn't hesitate to tell you just what they thought whether you were going like it or not if it was the truth. I am beginning to think that isn't just a personality trait I possess but something from my home town that I learned.

Since moving away I've traveled in many parts of the world, have been a writer, an exotic eco-tour guide in Hawaii, and done many other amazing and exciting things I could have never even imagined when I was growing up there so many years ago. But Murfreesboro will always be my home town and this area of the world is a beautiful treasure and maybe the thing that makes me happiest to be in the group, is seeing how many people feel the same way.

This is a recent pic of me on my 70th birthday. I'm sharing it since I can't sit on the front porch and wave at people as they pass by like my family did back in the day. May God bless you all.

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