A few weeks ago our 10 x 30' storage unit flooded. Oh what fun in-between the back breaking work and sorrow of loss. I am making collage images because the insurance company limits the photos to ten! I have thousands of dollars of damage. That's going to be hard to do.

I'm even making collages of collages to form composites. What a tedious nightmare of a job assembling pictures and listing descriptions is. Then, finding the picture of my office desk in use for a before and after should have brought me to tears. Intellectually it was stunning but I think I am glad I can't feel what I reason I should about losing my home in general. Looking at the office is a little harder because that is where I spent the majority of my life for seventeen years.

Looking at what was the best office I ever had next to pictures of the ruins of the very heart of it, my 6' X 4' custom desk where the "magic happened" is difficult to do without reflection at the very least.. I designed the desk as part of a modular office suite and had it built in the late eighties. It can not be easily replaced in function and it is impossible to replace for the life force it contained due to the goodness it was used to create. I can't help but think of how many hours were spent intermittently plotting and living the dream and I'm struck by how much has happened that I've survived since then. I wrote the ABCs sitting at that desk and poster boxes took water damage too. 

So much has been destroyed 

Tonight I am working on the insurance claim which is a tedious painful chore. Quantity, description, replacement cost, where purchased, brand, how old, what condition, and so on are difficult to answer in many cases and that's under penalty of law for fraud. I have so many questions about replacement values because these contents contained many unusual items such as out of print irreplaceable poster product inventory for business purposes associated with income and fund raising. 

I look around at my tiny converted mid cabin office which is actually pretty ingenious as to how I worked it out to be functional, (If I do say so myself! ...but still, ) I stretch to find what I am supposed to learn from this and learn it well. I'd far rather be sitting in that fully functional spacious office than in a mid ship boat cabin sorting through pictures of what is and what was.

But fear NOT! I'm ready to rise from the ruins of that once great empire.like the Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um... just as soon as I finish this claim report......  


Linda Mihalic
Can't say I "like" this, but God is good and only good shall result from this event!
  • September 25, 2023
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Wanda Hope Carter
Thank you Linda! I'll claim that right now with an AMEN!
  • September 25, 2023
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