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I'm working my way to the top of the list of the population numbers in the link attached.

... yikes...

I was thinking about what percent of people on earth today have no idea what it was like before 911, especially US citizens. I'm finding that generally, it is around a third of us.

911 destroyed our innocence forever. We can never go back to the confidence we held as a nation before that day nor ever think we are safe or that a small group of people can not end the lives of thousands and destroy the lives of millions. May everyone responsible burn in hell forever.

With heart felt sadness for every life lost, and a tremendous gratitude for all who put their lives at risk that day and going forward to deal with this toxic tragedy, I remember 911. I remember having to go somewhere later that day and everyone driving was in a similar daze. We couldn't believe what we had lost, and we didn't even know our freedoms and privacy rights to such a huge degree were destroyed along with those buildings and the precious souls inside.

Mark Bailey
I lived in Venice, Fl at the time. Two of the hijackers learned to fly at the municipal airport, 5 minutes away from me. The airport is next to the municipal golf course I played at almost daily. Sends shivers through me thinking that one of the planes I saw flying from the flight school was pilote...
  • September 16, 2023
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Wanda Hope Carter
Wow I wonder if you ever were actually in their presence somewhere while they were in the area. Definitely creepy!
  • September 21, 2023
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