Our internet blinks out on the dock occasionally, so I stepped out on the deck while it did tonight and then came in after a few minutes. (Nice night out!) The TV hadn't resumed so I assumed it was still off. Shortly thereafter I heard about two sentences of a woman's voice, and nothing else. Being deep in thought about other things it took a few seconds to realize, hey wait a minute, there shouldn't be any voices!

I immediately went through the whole internal dialog of what that might mean. I've been under a great deal of stress lately, and I wondered, have I finally lost it?! Am I really hearing voices?! What if it happens again? Should I see a doctor? Wait, am I sure I heard a voice?????

After exploring around the boat for a bit I finally discovered, it was a weird video that I hadn't chosen to watch but that popped up in a hidden browser tab wherein the woman only spoke one line at the beginning. I guess the TV just failed to reconnect to the internet this time. But, WOW - that seriously spooked me!

So, as of right now I'm just my normal crazy, not "lock me up in a padded cell" crazy! YAY!  ߥ Ӱߤ

Topics: sanity, crazy, internet, boat
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