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What happened in world history that made September 11 on the Gregorian Calendar so important to Osama bin Laden and his fellow radical Islamists? 


In 1683, September 11 witnessed the beginning of the end of the Siege of Vienna, the “high watermark” of the earlier Muslim invasion of Europe.  Osama evidently wanted to capture the attention of his “Great Satan” with a stunning victory on a date his “religion” had suffered an ignominious defeat.



On July 17, 1683 the army of the Ottoman Turkish empire, numbering some 200,000 troops, including infantry, artillery, and cavalry, laid siege to the city of Vienna, the capital of what is now Austria.  Weeks passed until, on September 11, 1683 the battle was joined with a massive cavalry charge, when some 30,000 Polish and Lithuanian cavalry, including the fearsome Polish “Winged Hussars,” led by King Jan III Sobiecki of Poland, descended upon the besieging Turks and routed them. 


The battle and siege ended on September 12, with the Ottoman Turks in full retreat to the south.   




The heirs of this cult of hatred, deceit, and death that is Islam continue to remind us of this date from time to time, witness the atrocities they committed in 2012, aided and abetted by Obama and his secretary of state, at Benghazi.




Safari Woman
ty I read about this a long time ago but had completely forgotten it by now
  • December 9, 2019
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