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Recently, Fox News has begun to evince a more leftward drift in its coverage about everything, since the takeover by “The Heirs,” Cretino and Imbecilio.  For my own part, I have responded by ignoring any programs anchored by or featuring Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, or even Neil Cavuto.  Napolitano recently stepped out of the closet as a Trump-hater, rendering himself unwatchable.  Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of Sean Hannity either, but that’s a function of his innate inability to allow a guest to finish a sentence rather than any hint of a leftist bent.  I find that trait in Hannity to be extremely annoying and have attempted to make him aware of it, but to no avail.


As the overwhelming majority of female anchors and commentators on Fox are quite easy to look at, I’ve found that the very few real leftists among them can easily be overcome by judicious use of the “mute” button.  Mary Ann Marsh is an aggressively unpleasant-looking leftist pain in the a$$ with a nasty habit of shaking her head on-camera when a conservative panelist is speaking, and Jessica Tarlov,  who, while attempting to be borderline cute, has an annoyingly whiny quality to her voice making her much easier to watch with the mute feature engaged.


The bottom line:  The leftward trend of Fox News is making their brand trend increasingly less-than-desirable, and will likely result in substantial gaps in their daily ratings.

I have found most of the female anchors/talking heads speak with a strident, overly loud tone, nearly a shouting argument. And a few are simply so rude that I have to leave the room. The males you mentioned in the first paragraph are mostly laughable with schiesse for brains.
  • August 8, 2019
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Safari Woman
I haven't really watched Fox news in years - like at all - prior to that I'd occasionally watch Gutfield, Waters Carlson, Hannity - I've always thought of Fox News as controlled opposition. Due to who owns them, I'm surprised they have any conservative views at all. 
  • August 9, 2019
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