R. A. Schultz



Today, we have candidates for the socialist party nomination to the Presidency of the United States who refuse to render the hand-over-the-heart civilian salute for the National Anthem, advocate for the murder of babies immediately before and after they’re born, refer to their fellow American Citizens as “deplorable,” “despicable,” and “dregs of society,” and mock their fellow American Citizens for their religious beliefs.  We have at least one candidate, born male, who is “married” to his “husband,” and they are “expecting a child.”  They all agree that the federal minimum wage should be one that destroys small businesses.  They rush to capitalize on the tragic deaths of their fellow Citizens by politicizing mass murder.  They advocate the abolition of our national borders, exposing their fellow Citizens to thieves, terrorists, murderers, rapists, and disease-carriers so that they can accede to political power through illegitimate votes.  They voice support for masked street thugs who destroy property and commit violent assaults to stifle free speech.


It would seem to the knowledgeable observer that these “candidates” are actually trying to out-do each other to be the most worthy of Satan’s stamp of approval.

Laurel Victory
  • August 6, 2019
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