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Well, I guess no one can say that the New Yorican kid, Ocasio-Cortez, isn’t a fast learner.  She’s been in Congress barely three months, and already she’s been caught thieving from We the People, to the tune of a million pesos.


Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Senatrix Kamala Harris seems prepared to ride a popular wave of decriminalization of prostitution all the way to the White House which, if she should be elected, will become international corporate headquarters of Princess Kamala’s Passion Palace, Inc.  Franchises available soon!


Swamp creature Little Adam Schiff, bug-eyed pencil-neck quiff who, if his brains became gunpowder, wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose, is picking up where ethically bankrupt Robert Mueller is evidently getting ready to leave off, demanding from some 81 associates of President Trump all written correspondence, emails, text messages, diaries, personal notes, and stool samples exchanged, produced, or dreamt  of within the past 50 years.


Swamp creature Fat Jerry Nadler (from grossly overweight to unethical oversight), notorious nose-picking New York jerk, not to be outdone by Little Adam Schitt, is also unethically abusing his committee chairmanship to harass POTUS.   The Dim mantra seems to be, “Well, if ya can’t dazzle ‘em with diligence, baffle ‘em with bull$h*t.”


Anyway, y’all please excuse me.  I have to drive my Prius up to the Jacksonville Amtrak station to meet an associate coming in from London on the midnight express train.


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the mess these @$$holes have planned for our country.  I’m re-affirming my membership in the Florida Secessionist Movement.

Carl Spencer
"If his brains became gun powder" good one.
  • March 9, 2019
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