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So sorry, but from early on in school whenever I happened to be paying attention in English class, I understood the term gender to apply to a noun as being either masculine or feminine.  I guess it was sometime after I graduated from college that I realized that either I had been wrong all along or that some @$$hole had somehow nuanced the term into becoming a substitute for the term sex.  G. Gordon Liddy devoted many hours of his 1990’s radio show from Radio Free DC to this, shall we say, curiosity?


Today, one will be hard-pressed to find any sort of application form that asks for one’s “sex,” rather than one’s “gender.”  I’ve often been tempted to reply, “masculine” to the question, but then, I’ve been long known to be an ornery trouble-making smart-@ss.


But then, these nuances become transferred to other parts of our language (It IS still English, right?).  For example, one who was previously transsexual is now transgendered.  Or is it transgenderal?  See how this can become confusing?


Inconsistencies and incongruities abound.  Why isn’t a homosexual called a homogenderal?  Indeed, why don’t masculine penguins wear cufflinks?


Just when you thought political correctness couldn’t possibly become more asinine, another bunch of @ssholes seized upon the notion that everyone should be known and referred to by the pronoun of one’s own choosing.


Somehow, I have absolute confidence that this and all other messes will be straightened out sometime during Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ twelfth term as Presidentrix of the Peoples Democratic Socialist States of North Gomorrah.



Safari Woman
lol thanks I needed a laugh - and this would be a lot funnier if so many people didn't take it all so damn seriously. I refuse to adhere to the new liberal language requirements. In other countries they are arresting people for resisting. I just saw a UK article about a mother who called a man who w...
  • February 12, 2019
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