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FLASHBACK: Schumer Sounded Like Trump on Immigration in 2009

If you embraced the previous Democrat stance on illegal aliens but hate it now that Trump is saying the same thing, you might be part of the problem. This video shows the exactness of what Schumer said then compared to what Trump is saying now.

It isn't only Schumer. There are videos of Clinton, Obama, Feinstein and other Democrats in previous years making the same sorts of statements.

What's changed? I don't think they address this well in the video.

While there are several things that have changed within the Democrat party, the main one IMHO is that the party has fully embraced globalism and globalists world wide have recognized the destabilization and cost to societies through social services and crime are effective towards their end game of world dominance and control.

They push for it because division and destabilization is evident through the events going on in all western civilizations struggling with the mass migrations and illegal entries being supported by the same globalist forces through their legal teams and NPOs.

These globalists are working not only in America but also throughout most of Europe, Australia, and Canada using the same methods. Their main agenda being, that global unelected officials in bureaus such as the United Nations and CFR will be able to make and maintain laws that affect the entire world population. Destabilizing, demoralizing and financial ruin must first be achieved in order to weaken the countries where currently western civilizations have prospered and advanced by promoting freedom rather than dependency.

An independent population can not be controlled. A government dependent population is easy to control. It's as simple as that.

No borders means no sovereignty where citizens can elect representatives to make laws reflecting their own desires. Globalists will rule with an iron fist and the taxpayers are always the ones who pay. The middle class must be destroyed so the elite and dependent class can grow into the globalists' dream of future.

When I see the war that is waging over the soul of America I pray that people will wake up to the reality of what is happening and choose freedom, choose sovereignty, choose the rule of law rather than lawlessness. May all of us fight the NWO of globalism like our lives depend on it, because as long as the globalists are coming after us, the future is not certain. Some say it is too late and that we have allowed them to go too far already.

I for one will never give up and never concede to those who would rule over us unelected.

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