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Currently, contempt of Congress referrals are made to the Department of Justice where a DOJ lawyer decides whether or not to prosecute.  Clearly, the Congressional referral should constitute sufficient cause for the DOJ lawyer to follow through with the prosecution but all too often this simply doesn’t happen.  Obviously, the Attorney General will have overview of any such decision.  This is precisely why the contempt-of-Congress citation of then-Attorney General Eric (The Red) Holder simply died on the vine. 




Actually, that Holder citation may still be pending and no one’s doing anything about it because they don’t want to rock the swamp boat.  Shall we inquire?  I just sent the following to my Congresscritter:  “What is the current status of the Contempt of Congress citation brought against then-Attorney General Eric Holder some years ago?”  Let the giggles begin.



To get back on-topic:  Why not have Congress authorize, via appropriate legislation, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House (or Senate) to immediately arrest and imprison the offender until such time as the offender relieves him/herself of the contempt?  And why not have appropriately-furnished holding cells constructed in the basement of the Capitol?



Further, the appropriate Sergeant-at-Arms should be authorized to insist upon the aid of the Capitol Police Department as well as that of the nearest U. S. Marshal’s Office to effect the arrest.



As a retired LEO, I’d hope contemptuous a$$holes like Peter Strzok would resist arrest.  I would hope Eric Holder would do the same.

Carl Spencer
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  • August 6, 2018
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