You may recall my recent offering of July 1 (part of which is included herein), alerting you to the previously-announced date set by ANTIFA for their “commencement of hostilities” against the United States.  Well, for whatever reason, their date (July 2) came and went without noticeable occurrence.  One is forced to wonder what these miscreants and their apparent allies, “Organizing for Action” and “Indivisible,” are up to.  I’m sure we’ll not have to wait too long to find out.




“Some months ago, the ANTIFA sissies announced that their target date for the commencement of hostilities against the United States of America, its President, Congress, entire government, and We the People, would be Sunday, July 2, 2017.  Since that announcement, there seems to have descended upon us a pall of total media silence concerning the Mommy’s basement-dwelling mask-wearing sissy cowards and their summer plans.  Personally, I have little doubt that the media blackout was designed to give cover to the Soros-backed funding of these retards and that now, on the eve of their target date, they are more than ready to wreak havoc on various cities and towns throughout the country.”


MY TAKE:  But, for whatever reason, the great revolution failed to materialize.  Perhaps the weather was too hot for wearing those snappy all-black outfits with face mask bandanas.  Perhaps their mommies insisted they stay home and mow the lawn.  Or maybe, just maybe, the forceful police reaction to their destructive tirades, coupled with the fact that a lot of them are facing hard jail time for their Soros-funded idiocy, has given at least some of them pause for thought: “Is it really worth the $1500 Uncle George is paying me to be an ***hole to face up to ten years in the slammer?”


So now we come to the latest threat date from the “Anti-Fascist” Fascists:  November 4, 2017 will be their day of rage . . . maybe.  Why a Saturday?  None of them works. They offer to do their usual.  They will carry signs bearing bad words.  They will riot.  They will chant obscenities.  They will attack the police.  They will smell badly.  They will overturn cars.  They will start fires.  They will break windows.  They will hurl feces.   And now, the pussies are even threatening to carry weapons, e. g., firearms, bats, chains, knives, etc. 


Their notice that they’ll henceforth be carrying weapons is the part of their latest threat that fascinates me, because now, We the People, armed with the knowledge that these imbeciles are armed, may act accordingly.


How many rotting Antifa corpses will it take before these crapheads realize that they in reality don’t even know fascism from arugula?  They might even be amusing if they weren’t so pathetically stupid.



Wanda Hope Carter
I can't wait to see them fizzle out and shlep away to rot in some stinky dark corner where they crawled out of in the first place.
  • October 10, 2017
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