I came across this tidbit during the course of my daily Internet wanderings and offer it here for your reading enjoyment, comment, and further research, should you be so inclined.  I found several things wrong with the article, which I will discuss at the end of same in “MY TAKE.”  I strongly suspect this story was planted by a troll!


Obama’s ‘Security Company, A Deep State Military Force, Sets Up Just Outside 3 Major Cities


Barack Obama has decided to spend his retirement years planning a coup against his own government. In the past two weeks, after receiving an executive declaration issued by his own hand before Trump took office, Obama has built a $10 billion military that he calls a “security company.” That company, NOS United, is privately owned with nothing other than formalities filed with the US government.

“NOS” stands for “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or New World Order. The O has been replaced with a transformed version of Obama’s campaign slogan, with the American flag replaced by flames. There is also an all-seeing eye in the center. It’s pretty clear what the agenda is of this traitor we knew was an American-hating globalist all along:

Along with two small islands due east of Virginia just in international waters, Obama’s “team” has now set up massive complexes with billions in equipment and spying technology outside of Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. Chicago would have been a better choice for population than Washington but if your end game is to launch a military coup in the nation’s capital, those pieces must be deeply embedded in place.

How embedded? Obama himself lives within the city limits. He conducts secret meetings with top-ranking officials from both parties and diplomats from around the world in a mansion that is a part of the old Washington tunnel system, built after the British trashed the city and burned down the White House in 1812.

The extent of the tunnels is unknown since they remain the property of the US Government and require code word clearance. There is no map available. Historians have pieced together several of the stops, however, and Tracey Place — along with just about every other building that houses a public official in DC — is on the list.

This is no joke, patriots. If Obama’s military comes to your door in yellow Humvees with that emblem on them, they aren’t your friends. Get out of the house and don’t look back. At some point their population reduction plan will go into effect and older Trump supporters will be the first ones buried in mass graves.

FROM:  Spinzon

Conservative News



MY TAKE:  I have a few problems with this piece:  First, I’ve never heard of “Spinzon Conservative News;” Second, there’s no by-line; Third, there are no citations; Fourth, there are several tunnel systems under Washington ~ which system or systems are we talking about(?); Fifth, there are no islands off Virginia in “international waters;” Sixth, NOS United or NOS Security evidently doesn’t exist, except, perhaps in the imagination of the writer, whoever that might be, and; Seventh, where is Obama going to find a sufficient number of personnel trained in combat who would even consider loyalty to him and/or the New World Order?


So, unless someone can come up with something more than more fantasy in this regard, this piece will be consigned to my FAKE NEWS file, along with all the other Make-Believe Media news of the day.




Safari Woman
Thanks so much for outing this fake news! I have been a stickler for pointing out fake news for at least the past eight years now - to the point, I think, of pissing off friends. But there is enough real stuff out there to worry about so the fear mongering coming supposedly from right wing perspecti...
  • June 10, 2017
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Roger that. I've come across a lot of falsity that's obviously designed to infuriate the loose cannons which I'll admit we have on our own side, as well as embarrass the right when we spread the false info!
  • June 11, 2017
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