To Achieve The American Dream Remember Your ABCs

American Dream TEAM!


Inspiration, Motivation and Self Help
My mind is the center of divine inspiration
Fallen tree grows 4 more trees Q
Betty Robinson Schwartz
do things you enjoy Kurt Vonnegut Jr
We are not all in the same boat we are all in the same  storm
Remake Pebble on the Beach
Carve the good memories into your heart and let the bad ones fade away
Raise good men fathers day
Remember that you are earth air fire water and spirit
Always be grateful for your journey
Everyday Magic By Wanda Hope Carter Copyright 1996
It's Almost Time Ecclesiastes 8-5 Proper Time
Kids who never have to earn anything will appreciate nothing
What does it really take to be successful
you were never meant to carry the weight of the entire world
Evil is aimed at killing joy
Water the tree of life and peace
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