To Achieve The American Dream Remember Your ABCs

American Dream TEAM!


Inspiration, Motivation and Self Help
I am stronger, fearless and wise BECAUSE
Martin Luther King Quote The time is always right to do what is right
Teaching to people to live off American taxpayers that's an American Nightmare NOT the American Dream quote
I used to pray for somebody Then I realized I am somebody
Act like you love yourself
Dreams are made if people try
Do it now while there is still time
In spite of everything I shall rise again Van Gogh quote
Champion quote Muhammed Ali
Go the extra mile It is never crowded
The best place is in someones arms
Success looks like today
Use negative as motivation
So many angles So many elements - Calatravas Agora Athens
When you face your struggles You overcome them
For A Stay away from negative people
The victory of success is half won when one sets goals Og Mandino quote
Judy Garland Quote on Being a First Rate Version of Yourself
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