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Liberal Leader of the World George Soros worked for Hitler helped kill his own people the Jews
Liberal Tolerance Agree or Shut Up
liberal logic -guns
Obama - Take a good hard look
CRAZY LOOKS James Holmes batman shooter vs Nancy Pelosi
Margaret Thatcher vs Che Guevara Liberal Hypocricy
Liberal Think Tank
You can not be both a grown up and a liberal
US Socialist History 1900 - 1990 Chart Graph
Quarrantine Liberals
NY City Gun Confiscation Letter
Fundamentally transformed by liberal policies thanks Democrats for NOTHING
How do you spell Moron?  -L-I-B-E-R-A-L - Correct!
dear brain dead liberal
Babies - Conservative VS Liberal
The New Feminists
Definition of Liberal Someone who doesnt care what you do as long as it is mandatory Krauthammer
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