The rights of man come from the hand of God not the generosity of the state JFK quote
When the truth comes out do not ask me how I knew ask yourself why you did not know
Remember Christ our savior was born on Christmas day
CHRISTMAS WREATHS in military cemetary - They fought and died for FREEDOM - NOT - COMMUNISM
Happy Winter Solstice Even the darkest night awakens in sunlight
Watchman Blow your Trumpets
ayn rand on compromise between good and evil - only evil can win
Trees voting for axe
Real life Wylie Coyote and Road Runner  - best generations
The Americans Creed This is what it means to be an American
Things We Do In The South
IF by Rudyard Kipling
I do not chase after people anymore
bible verse John 8-32 and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free
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