Garden stakes close garden shot COPYRIGHT
John Locke quote on liberty and power over people
If you take out a loan - you pay it back PERIOD
Happy Pineapple Halloween
You Are Floating on a giant ball with a hot liquid core plan accordingly ART BY MARTHA RICH
The rights of man come from the hand of God not the generosity of the state JFK quote
When the truth comes out do not ask me how I knew ask yourself why you did not know
Washington and troops crossing the Delaware
The winter Solstice STAR when two planets are close 2020 shot by a patriot in South Africa Christmas
ayn rand on compromise between good and evil - only evil can win
Trees voting for axe
Margaret Sanger
Perish For Lack of Knowledge
IF it is not a Human Being then WHY
Things We Do In The South
IF by Rudyard Kipling
Just a little perspective
Strong Good Weak Hard Men
When debate is lost Slander becomes the tool of the losers Socrates quote
Never argue with stupid people Mark Twain Quote
Landing on the moon American Exceptionalism at its finest
Brainwashed Doctors
If Trucks Stopped
You are Stock
Your Brain on Music
Chile vs Venezuela
Purchasing power of the dollar since the federal reserve
Billboard swearing Manhattan Project workers to secrecy 1945
Handkerchief with embroidered signatures of suffragettes held at Holloway Prison 1912
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