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Mark SteynHost, The Mark Steyn Show Mark Steyn, host of The Mark Steyn Show, writes regularly at and has contributed to numerous publications, including the Daily Telegraph, The Irish Times, The Wall Street ...
R Potts

I spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out what in the (F)inancial is going on. I read about the Dow plunging, China meltdown, Gold rising and gold plummeting, the federal reserve keeping interest rates stead...
Safari Woman

Yes I've been thinking about this hard. For one, the cost of living in America for especially retirees is becoming outrageously expensive to the point of being uncomfortable. Add the soaring costs of health care due to Obamac...
Safari Woman

Excerpts: You won’t hear CNBC, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal or any corporate mainstream media outlet reference the fact retail sales growth is at the exact same levels as when recession hit in 2008 and 2001. Their job i...
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