My Brother on the Illegals:

WE know the why, but who is going to destroy us from within? We have people of color in our Congress who absolutely hate America, and there are many whites in Congress who are too stupid and cowardly to say squat... So with the hundreds of thousands entering the southern border, which of them have been sent to destroy us from within?

All Democrats are Communists even the retired school teachers. They are all filthy commies, and if I am wrong, they should step up and stop the takeover of America. Let's see how they all vote in 2022 nd 2024.

The real problem is Americans don't know who their new neighbors are or where they come from, should your neighbor sell their house at a premium, you may end up with a new illegal alien family moving in hosted by your tax dollars and Uncle Joe!

“We will take America without firing a shot,” Khrushchev said. “We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

"Khrushchev and the Soviets weren’t just bragging. What he was talking about was an entire system of Marxist indoctrination and takeover they had perfected and executed in country after country during the 20th century. Eastern Europe. North Korea. North Vietnam, then all of Vietnam. Cuba. Nicaragua. Later, Venezuela. Various African countries, including South Africa, the communist bloom of which has only recently come to pass. Some of those countries went communist because the Soviets rolled the tanks in; most went communist because the pre-communist society collapsed for various reasons. All went communist after they had been infiltrated with Marxist revolutionaries."

Safari Woman
All western civilizations are facing this menace - there are millions of us - who better stand up and fight back right now or the next generation will only hear stories about what freedom was.
  • June 28, 2021
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