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The Fake-News, Failing New York Times is at it again, doing what they do best:  inoculating the reading public against the devastating effects of the forthcoming Justice Department Inspector-General’s report for the Democrat-Socialists. 




Apparently, some mole in the supposedly leak-proof IG’s office leaked to the Times that the IG had uncovered no evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had planted spies or informants in the Trump presidential campaign to promote the Left’s “collusion” narrative.  This is so they can begin touting their “See?  No spying” narrative which will be in full bloom during the coming weekend.




Of course, the propaganda experts who put stuff together for the Times neglect to mention that the Left’s insertion of spies or informants into the Trump campaign was most likely considered just too dangerous because, if actually uncovered, there would be, for at least a short time, living witnesses to the acts, and this would be most inconvenient in the highly unlikely event that the Butchering B*tch of Benghazi were to lose the election.




The fact remains, thanks to the intrepidness of the likes of Brett Jarrett, Joe Bongino, Sarah Carter, and Sean Hannity, that actual SPYING did in fact, occur, by the FBI, as clearly shown by the phony FISA application resulting in the monitoring of all communications of private citizen Carter Page during the course of a full year.




So, inoculate away, New York Times!  We’ve got your number!


Safari Woman
I think this next year could be our year - if only - these reports are honest. You are right about the FISA reports being a huge key to reality. It's all there. NYT is degraded to the point of being almost all #FakeNews these days! 
  • November 28, 2019
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