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We Appreciate Bug Reports!

Please check and include the results of the following items when you contact us. We've found that most reports prior to making this group, turned out to be caused by browser, connectivity, pasted html codes that aren't compatible or computer issues not related to our site performance.

That means of course that occasionally there have been legitimate bugs discovered that we would benefit from hearing about.


Due to our very limited staff and a need of basic information to diagnose a bug, your following this checklist and submitting the requested details will provide us the minimum information required to begin our investigation.

This checklist will help you find and fix issues you may have while visiting here or elsewhere that are not bug related.

1. Did you check here http://www.teamnetworks.n...    for known bug reports to see if it is a confirmed bug?

2. Did you check here in the bug report forum http://www.teamnetworks.n...   to see if it has not yet been confirmed but it has already been reported? If you find your issue in either location, there is no need to make an additional report. You may want to comment that you are having the same issue instead.

3. Are you confident that the issue is not related to your misunderstanding of how to use the site or how others may be using it according to these general instructions? http://www.teamnetworks.n... If you are not sure, you may want to ask about how to use the site in the discussion area before making a bug report. http://www.teamnetworks.n... There are many options for users and it may be that something you experience is a setting chosen by the creator of the page address that you are visiting. For example, shout boxes can be turned on or off for members to post in pages/groups so not being able to post in one is probably not a bug but rather a choice of the page creator.

4. Did you close all  tabs, hidden grouped tabs, and browsers except the page you have the problem on, refresh and check the suspected bug again? There can be circumstances under which your computer may not be able to handle multiple scripts running simultaneously in the background.

5. Have you closed all other programs on your computer and tried it only with the browser open? Software that runs java, flash or similar scripts may be conflicting.

6. Did you clear your cache and refresh? Clear cache is a browser tool. Stored caches may display errors on a particular webpage or an entire website.

7. Did you clear your cookies and refresh? You may need to sign in again.

8. Is your browser the latest available version? If not, install it. You may have to restart your computer.

9. Do you have the latest versions of adobe flash and java script installed on the browser you are looking at the site from? If not, install them and if that does not help, you may have to restart your computer. These need to be installed through every browser you use not just once if you use multiple browsers. Check these even if you updated recently as they come out with frequent updates.

10. Has your computer downloaded recent updates that are awaiting a restart? If so, restart your computer. Do you still have the issue?

11. Did you check to see if this the only interactive website (interactive such as Facebook or MySpace) that you are having an issue with currently?

12. Is your network connectivity strong?

13. Are you directed through 12 or less hubs before connecting with our site? You can download a free trace-route checker here http://www.traceroute-exp... or use these instructions http://www.mediacollege.c... Slow loading, and non-responsive interface issues are often  caused by packets dropped through the route your computer takes to reach our site.

14. Did you try again with a different browser? Firefox works best on TeamNetworks.Net.

15. If you have access to another computer, were you able to duplicate the issue on it?

16. If you have not restarted your computer during the previous steps, did you finally restart and try again?

17. Did you copy paste something that looks different than expected when you published it here? Try pasting it into this free program Notepad++ first and then copy paste it from there. It will strip the html code that you picked up elsewhere. If you try to copy paste an image from another site it may not show up but be aware that we don't permit that because it is hot-linking which steals bandwidth from the originating site. 

17. If you answered yes all of those and did not find the answer to your problem, or if your problem is not of the sort that these things may fix, then you may be able to help us find a pesky bug but we still need more info before we can confirm or fix the problem.

18. Please send us the following information:

19. The page address, url, that you were on when it happened if applicable.

20. What were you trying to do at the time you experienced a problem? If you can give a step-by-step description that will help.

21. What was the unexpected result?

22. If you can send a screen shot http://www.take-a-screens... or a screen cast, http://www.screencast-o-m... that will be helpful. *Please use caution not to submit any images that might expose private conversations or discussions in private groups etc. in this group. If you must capture something of that nature to show your issue, you can send those in a mail to TNW http://www.teamnetworks.n... internally along with a link to your bug report here.

23. What is your computer operating system?

24. What is your browser type and version?

25. Date and Time this happened

26. Post your bug report here as a new Discussion. http://www.teamnetworks.n...

Feel free to give help to others in this group if you are experienced and can offer good advice.

TeamNetworks.Net will respond if we need more information or to confirm a bug. Confirmed bugs will be entered on the Known Bug List where it will remain until it is fixed.

We have tried to include the most likely causes of issues that can be experienced not due to an issue on a website. Unfortunately due to thousands of variables and circumstantial situations that can cause issues while browsing our site, or any site, we are not able to provide every possible solution or diagnostic tip for issues that you may experience that do not originate from the site but we hope this list, our response, and peer-to-peer help will be useful to you and your experience here!

Please report in this group rather than use status updates or the shout box where we may not see your comment. We also appreciate you using our bug report page because it saves us time and unverified bug reports submitted elsewhere can cause users to develop concerns that may not accurately reflect the functionality of the site.

THANKS! We appreciate your patience and help! 


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