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It's lovely to see all of the comments by those who had/have wonderful fathers...

I strain to think of what I can say so I'll stick with something safe for now , "Thanks for the smart genes and the tip that government is not to be trusted."

--(ha) -

One day I will write about him and myself and I think that time will be not too far from now. I still love him and even miss him because he is mine, no matter what.

If God knows us before we are born and because we have free will, I think we agree to come to the world through our specific parents. Then I can blame him for nothing. I knew what I was getting into and God knew what I was coming through. These beliefs make it easier to accept, get over it and get on with life. So be it.

There may be many people who don't have that wonderful father I have been reading about on my time line, and to them, I say, OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN - loves us unconditionally and provides for us strength, courage and the very blessing of life itself. So is it wrong - to wish GOD the father - a happy father's day? I think NOT!

you thank your HEAVENLY father
  • June 20, 2022
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