If you were to look up 'Who Owns the USA Meat Market' you will find that Brazil owns us, and they are squeezing us for every last cent! They found a way around the "Made/Grown In USA" BS that you see on the labels at the supermarket, and China Joe and his crew eagerly endorsed it!

Who suffers? Well the American farmers and, of course, the American people. But all the while China Joe is allowing the South and Central Americans and anyone else stream into the country unchecked. And if they are lucky, perhaps they will get $450K per person for their troubles!

Let me restate this again, the American Ranchers are not the problem. Their resources are not being marketed. The beef you are eating comes from Brazil, and Brazil is artificially inflating the prices for the beef they sell in the USA.

The links below are simply two of many that will point you to the right direction. The second shows how much we pi** away to countries that love us. Simply click on South America and you will find Brazil on the list along with every other country whose populations are streaming into the USA!



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sorry just finding this! He's right - I think Brazil has been our beef supply for a long time because I remember reading about it quite some time ago... or maybe they were growing their way into it. I hope to goodness American farmers can stay thriving or else the next thing we will "need" is social...
  • November 3, 2021
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