A Logical Result of Impeaching Trump Again

In ny humble opinion, the Logical result of the attempt to Impeach Trump for the second time would be positive for the country and maybe for Trump as well.
The House, under Pelosi, has already voted to impeach Trump. The senate cannot vote to convict him until the day of or the day after Biden is sworn in and Trump is out of office. Not being a mind reader, I cannot say what is motivating anyone to impeach Trump for the Capitol break-ins. However, I am convinced that the Democrats and their impeachment RINO allies have not considered how badly impeaching Trump again will back fire.

Impeachment will not be seen as a legitimate course since the Democrats forgot one thing. They have no case! Nothing trump said that day could be construed as an incitement to violence. Moreover, the timeline was all wrong. The Capital hill perimeter was breached before his speech began. The Capitol, itself, was breached before those who heard Trump's speech could have made it to the Capitol building.

The Impeachment trial will fail because it would take none Republicans to ignore the evidence to convict Trump. The Senate could vote to prevent Trump from running again, but that would make them look corrupt and scared.  

Most Americans take impeachment seriously. In addition, impeaching a president after he is out of office, just looks mean and vindictive. Many Americans who may have agreed with the first impeachment will reconsider the legitimacy of that impeachment trial as well. While Trump haters will like it , more reasoned voters will not. Many regular Democrats may divorce themselves from such a spiteful and unhinged Party

Trump's reputation was tarnished by the Capitol Hill break-ins. However, Americans do not want to support kicking someone when they are down. Impeachment may rehabilitate Trumps reputation.

Successful or not impeachment will create a martyr out of Trump. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) said “I don’t want to breathe life into the corpse of this president, I don’t want him to become a martyr.” Trump will be seen as a martyr. He will be a living martyr. Moreover, he will be a living martyr with a lot of money and millions of followers.

Any republican voting to impeach Trump will expose themselves as the RINOs that they are. If nothing else Trump will take their vote as an insult and a personal attack on him. We may see primary challenges that clean up the Republican Party like never before.

President Trump's great skill was he was able to listen to everyday people. The Democrats and their RINO allies have no such skill. I hope they impeach Trump and that it creates a backwash that really drains the swamp.

Safari Woman
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  • January 15, 2021
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