Legal analyst Jonathan Turley advised that Biden himself should tell the Democratic Party to support such scrutiny and transparency now that the initial tabulations are being completed.

Biden is doing all the things that someone who knows thay did not win would do. If Biden thought he won he would act like it. He called for unity in a victory speech that was by the fact that he even gave it, was not unifying. Biden's speech looks like a play to seal the deal or as many would view it as seal the steal.

So why is Biden rushing through the process? Maybe he knows what many of us suspect, that he actually lost. Because, Biden declared victory, before the process was complete, many will view him as illegitimate from the start. Biden has lost his chance to be the president of all the American people forever.


Safari Woman
shoots - he was counting on this to happen - and so was kamela who plans to be president real soon.
  • November 9, 2020
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