Appearing on Google's Top Stories is a colossal favorable position for picking up presentation. At the point when you appear in Top Stories, your articles acquire perceivability than the standard query items. Earlier, Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff needed to have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to try and get the opportunity to appear on Top Stories. Since many saw the incentive in Top Stories and AMPs were a prerequisite, many individuals grasped AMPs. In any case, there is a major change coming.

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Google as of late reported that they will begin utilizing Core Web Vitals as a factor in search rankings and Top Stories. The declaration likewise point by point that Google will lift the AMP necessity around the beginning of 2021. This declaration makes the eventual fate of AMP hazy. Will it be simpler for designers to streamline the versatile experience without AMP or to keep utilizing AMP forms of their pages?


AMP Definition


AMP is Google's open-source, HTML structure that designers can use to make quicker stacking versatile pages. Digital Marketing Company in Glasgow can utilize AMP to construct sites, stories, promotions, and messages in a direct way. The substance you make with AMP "organizes the client experience to the exclusion of everything else". The top advantages of AMP include:


Quicker website page speed, which likens to better client experience.


Apply AMP over various web touchpoints.


Web optimization benefits (for the time being).


Execution increment.


Destructions of AMP


While AMP has some key advantages, it likewise has a considerable amount of ruins. In the event that AMP isn't a prerequisite for Top Stories, will individuals simply quit utilizing it? Conceivably. Here are a portion of AMP's significant cons, and the reasons individuals may desert it.

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