When it comes to managed WiFi solutions, many companies outsource IT management to outside vendors, and for good reason. It is cheaper than keeping internal IT staff. WiFi in the workplace is as essential to daily work as IT is. So why don't more companies choose managed WiFi solutions? They don't know what an option is.

In less than a decade, Managed Wifi Services are unheard of. Most offices simply put a $ 50 wireless router in the IT closet on the edge of Internet services and call it up one day. The WiFi service was terrible, but not a big problem. Most offices still use DSL and either did not have high-speed Internet or simply did not need it. Mobile phones were getting smarter, "Bring your own device" was not yet in the lexicon, and every computer needed wired internet. Looking back on the early days, this writer's spine trembles.


Fortunately, times have changed. Today, high-speed Internet is very affordable, most devices don't even have Ethernet ports, and people's ways of working are evolving. Most companies rely on high-speed wireless services, so companies can no longer avoid problems by offering standard WiFi. Even the way WiFi is provided has evolved. A $ 50 router cannot reduce that. Most offices today need a managed WiFi solution.

Top 8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Managed WiFi Provider

1. The Managed Wifi Solution Is Profitable

Business-grade WiFi equipment is expensive and even more expensive if used incorrectly. Reduce the cost of managed WiFi solutions. After all, to leave WiFi to a poorly equipped IT department, you simply need the help of a third-party provider to evaluate, repair, and possibly replace your current system. For example, business WiFi generally requires an annual license and support. If the IT provider doesn't understand the manufacturer's requirements or decides to ignore them, they may face the added expense of trying to restore service to an access point that was disabled due to payment negligence. There is.

If you outsource to a third-party managed WiFi provider, the cost of ownership is transparent and significantly reduced. Our deep industry insight enables managed WiFi providers to offer the best price for long-term licensing and support, and other cost-effective options your IT team may not be aware of.

2. Maximize Your Productivity With Managed Wifi Solutions

Properly installing and maintaining a WiFi system is like cleaning. No one will notice when doing it. Otherwise, it is very obvious. In fact, a well-managed and managed WiFi solution not only costs hundreds of dollars, but also makes it difficult to generate revenue. Lack of internet connection requires hours of third-party planning and support in multiple internal departments to rectify problems that are a drag on the entire team and relatively easy to solve for professionals.

By relying on companies like Made By WiFi to provide managed WiFi solutions, operations teams and IT staff can focus on other pressing business issues. If the WiFi works, the employee will follow it.

 3. Strengthen The Security Of The Internal Network.

You read the headline. External and internal data breaches regularly destroy the most successful companies. Often the cause of these leaks is poor or non-existent security settings. Many people are unaware that network security goes far beyond assigning logins or providing access to authorized users. Within the network, there are countless configuration options that can separate user traffic from other functions. You need the right equipment and the right equipment.

Choosing the right switch, gateway, controller, and access point is as important to your managed WiFi system setup as it is to your application. That's why competent managed WiFi providers start the installation process with a deep detection phase. Made By WiFi learns how customers use wireless networks and who needs to access certain functions before designing a managed WiFi solution to meet their specific needs.

 4. Full Transparency With Detailed Monitoring And Reporting

We become familiar with you and our managed WiFi solution helps you get to know the users of your network. Access detailed on-demand reports to gather information on network utilization, uplink performance, and other metrics that enable you to make more informed decisions about business operations.

Unlike older business teams, newer business-grade systems can manage all access points from a single controller. This is very useful because managed WiFi providers can monitor the wireless performance of all their business locations from a single easy-to-read interface. Additional network management tools, such as firewalls and gateway controllers, allow for more detailed reporting. Gain a better understanding of the business applications and users that consume the most bandwidth. You can also evaluate the overall performance of your Internet service provider. Maybe you don't have enough bandwidth or you are paying too much. Most traditional IT providers don't really know how to determine this, but managed WiFi providers like Made By WiFi have the tools and the knowledge to understand it.

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