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It’s like having a nightmare that you know you’re having and dreaming that you’re trying to wake yourself up from it!  It’s frightening as all get-out but you just can’t end it.  It’s the only way I can think of describing the umpteenth return of Jell-o Joe Bidenski to what’s left of the 2020 campaign trail after the unleashing of the Gates-encouraged Chinese germ warfare effort.  Joe’s mind, never known to have been particularly sharp, recently has taken on the consistency and fragility of yellow gellatin.




Bidenski’s “loving and caring” wife, Jill, seems to love and care only for the idea that she may become FLOTUS for a fleeting moment, so as not to be outdone by an aggressively ugly black “woman with a penis” and by a statuesque white woman who is consistently rated at least a “17” on a scale of 0 to 10.




Despite the blatant fact that Bidenski is totally incapable of functioning in the presidency, even to the level of the functionally-illiterate and constitutionally disqualified Obama, the Make-Believe Media push-polls just keep right on showing him leading Trump in several critical states.  This can be attributed to getting it ack-basswards yet again, or to liberal wishful thinking, or perhaps both.  In any event, when we finally do awaken from this nightmare, we may have ended the practice of polling altogether!  




Election results may also bring an end to the myth of “the United States,” the sad fact of the matter being that the ONLY way for Bidenski to win is through massive and systematic voter fraud, that scenario already being in the final stages of preparation, thereby ultimately effecting an outcome being wholly unacceptable to an extremely large percentage of the legitimate voting population.  Civil war is the likely end result.




Other than all that, CHEERS!


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