R. A. Schultz






There can no longer be any serious doubt that the Mainstream Media (MSM), AKA the Lamestream Media, AKA the Midstream Media (courtesy of Dr. Savage), AKA the Make-Believe Media (courtesy of yours truly), WANTS this Chinese plague that’s sweeping the planet to be as bad as it possibly can be, witness their gleeful reporting of the dire words of every doomsayer that slithers out of the woodwork, especially those with an established leftist agenda.  Whenever the news isn’t bad enough for real, the media ghouls have to go and make stuff up, witness CBS airing footage of an Italian hospital in Bergamo, the worst-hit area of that country when reporting on New York City.  Of course, this was blamed on an “editing error,” only because CBS got caught LYING (AGAIN)!




The glee with which these commie ghouls announce and spread the bad news is matched only by the delight they obviously take in poo-pooing even the slightest hint of good news.  Notice, for example, that recovery rates are almost never reported, while exponentially larger death rate estimates receive top billing.  They’ve even announced their desire to take POTUS off the airwaves, contending that his messages of hope and encouragement for We the People are, according to them, “misinformation.”




It is difficult for a normal person to comprehend the enormous level of hate that must fill the hearts and souls of those united against us, and they themselves have made it difficult not to return their feelings in kind.




Once this is all over, methinks our first order of business should be that national divorce!  We obviously have less than nothing in common with these people, so why continue pretending?


Safari Woman is online.
Great blog thanks! I stopped pretending a long time ago - and I also stopped trying to change even one of their minds. When I post anything it's either singing to the choir or for the undecided openminded person, if any such person still exists. I think it was CBS that also put up a video of a fraud...
  • April 7, 2020
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