Stenter is a kind of styling equipment with excellent performance and ideal treatment effect. To play its excellent performance, first of all, it should pay attention to the operation. For example, after the end of the production task, when there is a need to shut down the equipment, there are many places that need attention so as not to adversely affect the stenter equipment and affect the next use.

So how do you do when you are down? In fact, for the finished guide cloth, we need to place it on the console. Then, select the tenter setting machine to enter the cloth total control button, adjust it to red, and close the needle maintenance inlet button to select “0”. The device is shut down when the cloth guide reaches the overfeed roller, and the guide cloth and the guide belt are connected and the cooling cylinder tension motor is closed to "0".

Next, the system is adjusted to the heating system interface. It is recommended that the worker should adjust the heating temperature to one hundred and fifty degrees and adjust the power of the circulating fan so that the moisture remaining inside the stenter can be removed. It is generally possible to shut down the equipment after half an hour. It should be kept in mind that the circulation fans and exhaust fans should continue to operate until the temperature in the oven falls below a hundred degrees.

After the above operation is completed, the power switch connected to the stenter equipment can be closed next. Then clean up the equipment and clean the site environment. It should be noted that during this period, the equipment needs to be checked once again to confirm that the components are in good condition and that there are no looseness or other abnormalities. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the downtime work is done. After the inspection work is completed, the work can be completed.

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