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Climate Change Hysteria has reached epic (read “insane”) proportions.  Below is a chronological sampling of prophecies and predictions ~




Chicken Little, the sky is falling ... Prophecies and Predictions by Science, future Kings, and the Governmental Elite for the last 60 years:


1966 Oil depletion in 10 years
1967 Dire worldwide famine forecast by 1975
1968 Overpopulation will be worldwide. Every country
1970 America subject to water rationing by 1974. Food rationing by 1980
1970 Urban citizens will require gas masks by 1985
1970 Nitrogen buildup will make all land unusable by 1985
1970 World will use up all its natural resources by 2000
1970 Ice age by 2000
1970 Decaying pollution will kill all fish
1970s Killer bees!
1971 New Ice Age coming by 2020 or 2030
1972 New Ice Age by 2070
1972 Oil depletion in 20 years
1974 Space satellites saying ice age coming fast!
1976 Scientific consensus, earth cooling famines imminent
1977 Dept of Energy says oil will peak in 1990s
1978 No end in sight for 30-yr cooling trend
1980 Acid rain kills lake life
1980 Oil depletion by 2000
1988 Regional droughts spreading
1988 Temperatures in DC reaching record highs
1988 Maldive Islands will be underwater by 2018 (they're not)
1989 Rising sea levels will obliterate nations by 2000
1989 New York City's west side highway underwater by 2019 (it's not)
1996 Oil peak by 2020
2000 Children will no longer know what snow is
2000 Famine in 10 years if we don't give up eating fish, meat, and dairy.
2000 Oil peak by 2010
2004 Britain will be Siberia by 2024
2005 Manhattan underwater by 2015
2008 Artic will be ice-free by 2018
2008 Al Gore predicts Artic ice-free by 2013
2009 Prince Charles says we have 96 months (8 yrs) to save the world
2009 Al Gore changes prediction to 2014 for an ice-free Artic
2013 Artic ice-free by 2015


2018 Russia sends floating nuclear reactor to Artic Circle in support of exploration and development; expands Arctic Ocean shipping activity
2019 NY Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) says world will end in 12 years if climate change is not addressed. Millennials panic!


2019 NY Times pressroom experiences multiple attacks of the vapors






MY TAKE:  From the very outset of the climate change discussion, I’ve been a “skeptic,” often a tad too vociferously, but that might be attributable to my growing impatience with stupidity.  Moved by knowledge of the fossil and geological records by reason of college minors in geology and geography, I called “bullsh*t” early on during the promulgation of this fairy-tale.  There has always been “climate change,” even eons before humans walked on the firmament.




The discussion attained the level of absurdity when people who called themselves climate scientists actually came out with their theory (which morphed rather suddenly into “Settled Science”) known as Anthropogenic Global Warming, claiming that human activity was going to destroy the planet within x-number of years unless we immediately gave up eating meat, flying, driving, backyard barbecues, and smoking El Presidente cigars. 




    We were told the lie (and bought it!) that the trend toward extinction of all life on Earth had commenced coincidentally with the start of the Industrial Revolution, and that only a world-wide governing body could effect the changes necessary to save Planet Earth.  We were told that we’d have to pay higher taxes, give up use of fossil fuels, give up our right of self-defense, and essentially re-vamp our lifestyle.  If we did all this, maybe, just maybe, we could delay calamity. 




But wait!  We were then told we could purchase and even trade holy dispensations in the  form of “carbon credits,” thus easing the pain of life changes to save the planet!  The whole idea began for me to take on an uncanny resemblance to the sale of snake oil in the old West.




Our ever-so-delicate Millennials would do well to learn something of the geological history of their planet before they pack their bags to attend the next demonstration.  They just might learn that a single burp from Mount Pinatubo will pump into the atmosphere more carbon dioxide  and other “pollutants” than the sum-total of human activity since the dawn of time!




Perhaps if those Millennials would devote some of that time and energy to seeking ways of adapting to the inevitability of a changing climate, sort of like the Russians in the Arctic, we’d all be better off.




Relax, kiddies!  It’ll get better.






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Safari Woman
I never bought this bs - "manmade global warming" didn't work out for them so it overnight became "manmade climate change." The evidence is completely against this stupid government sponsored theory and we now know when how and who cooked it up and for what purpose. Globalism owns this ugly baby. I ...
  • December 1, 2019
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