I really enjoy TeamNetworks.Net and the great people I have met here!
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Tonight I logged onto my private FB, and I was instantly aware of how many people posted on politics whom I've never ever seen post on them before! Come to find out many of my friends have been closet conservatives! This is a stunning and thrilling discovery for me.

What has them so inspired to post? I see much on the Syrian refugees but also other topics with a conservative view. I also saw a very died in the wool liberal friend post a surprising picture that I've seen before of a woman crawling through a dessert saying "News source, news source, must find a reliable news source." So if nothing else, something has her questioning her lamestream sources as being adequate.This is grand for someone who has posted every thing media matters and other liberal sites sends out to post.

I can't say I am thankful for what happened in Paris. That would be completely untrue. But I am thankful that maybe society has finally crossed a line for those who have before been quiet not to offend their Facebook friends. I truly believe this has been needed for so long now. I see them thinking of the dangers to their own families first and not caring about being PC or offending someone. I see them ready to defend their positions for the first time.

Thank you God for a new awakening. Please don't let us have to experience more bloodshed to open up even more eyes, minds and the willingness to stand up and be counted.


Randall Covey, Russian Hacker
  • November 19, 2015
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