Wow...this fella sure researched and obtained lots of Data about Vaccines! It is rather long but I feel it is necessary to post it in it's entirety to get the full view.


(2014) Jeremy Barnes.Vaccines. Viewed on website on April 26/2014

Dear Readers,

Right of the bat, I want to state categorically that I do not know if vaccines are directly responsible for Autism, or any other illness/disorder or problem. I’m not a scientist, doctor, or professional in the field of vaccines. The problem is complex and compounded
by numerous factors. I have simply collected information from the internet (including scientific peer reviewed papers, personal stories, and other lay-man break downs) info from friends, and friends of friends, 8 nurses in my home town, my own observations (which are limited but valid none the less) and anecdotal evidence in the mainstream media, national papers, and some “scientific magazines”. All in all, to date I have probably spent a few thousand hours over the last 4 or 5 years reading about vaccines. I don’t know what your interest is exactly or how much info you want but the following could easily tie you up for months.
I’m not claiming that any of the following is proof other than the desperate need for some very real conversations about this issue. There is not enough scientific evidence for either argument. It has become an “us and them” debate, opposing sides, polarised by staunch beliefs (usually based in tiny bits of info and dogma) and it shouldn’t be. Why would we fight one another over this issue? Why would we call people names, and vilify either side of the argument? Somehow the idea that parents who opt out of vaccinating their children are baby killers or putting their kids in harms way has been permeating the debate. I find this mentality disturbing, because I’m a parent and nothing could be further from the truth.
So here is what I’ve been looking at.

Andrew Wakefield is credited with being responsible for the “MMR – Autism link hoax”. I would suggest starting there.

That page and many of the links contained therein are useful to begin forming an idea or opinion. But I would highly recommend / INSIST also viewing Andrew Wakefield in his own words here - .

Next you could read the attached PDF - Vaccine Report-EN . Though it’s not comprehensive it does provide info worth reading and numerous links to relevant web sites and doctors warning of dangers with vaccines.
The following PDF files I’ve included are all peer reviewed articles regarding links between vaccinations and Diabetes; 7TOPEDJ, 9TOEJ, 1TOPEDJ, 1TOEJ. There a good chance you’ll understand them better than I do.

Another wiki page worth reading is

The entire article is enlightening particularly the Epidemiology, notice the graph. I advise following as many of the links as possible contained therein to form an overview of a complicated issue.

Next have a look at   and follow all the links,

especially this one - .

Lawyers are pretty careful when it comes to posting info on their website. These guys are not the only ones either.

This website is essential viewing

The next 3 links are really good reading, written by a paediatrician. I’ve included some excerpts from these links further down.
this should be referred to regularly.

this should be referred to regularly in your studies. Have a good look at the ingredients, and Google every single one. You won’t have to go very far to find how many of the ingredients (individually) are clinically proven to cause cancer, neurodegeneration, heart disease, and shitloads more. The toxicity of ingredients can escalate in some cases with reactions to other proteins, yeast extracts, foreign DNA, heavy metals, sugars, dramatic changes in PH, and reactions such as the mailard reaction. Factor in preconditions in infants (genetic and environmental) and that no 2 infants are the same, have different diets, and predispositions for certain ailments. Also consider increase permeability of blood brain barrier in teething infants.
The next bunch of web pages deserve serious attention, they are inextricably linked. It’s worth following some of the associated links in the following pages, it helps provide an overview of a complicated problem. If you’re interested, compare the info with the Autism page and Epidemiology, pay particular attention to when all restrictions were lifted on aspartame. Aspartame is a critical catalyst in this conversation (I think), because it turns in to phenylalanine and formaldehyde in the body. A large amount of aspartame is in baby formula. Factor in fluoridated water. Fluoride increases Aluminium absorption. Aluminium forms a huge amount of vaccine ingredients and is used for infection protection of the injection, and also makes counting of the virus pathogens in the vial possible because the virus attaches to the aluminium particles.

Hemin chloride is an interesting addition to the HIB vac. Infants get 4 hits of the HIB vac before their 12 months old.

I find it curious that the world health organisation website provides no data prior to 2000 for HIB meningitis found here

Looking at the WHO website reported cases its easy to see that some diseases have risen and fallen after vaccine introduction. The entire WHO site is worth a look, I found it very surprising how late a majority of vaccines have been introduced. You can find that information here

There’s plenty of downloads to choose from. You can also notice direct conflict with data analysis from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) website. It would be great if we had the same kind of info for adverse reactions to vaccines. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - - site in comparison is terrible and completely useless for compiling real data or providing any basis for systematic analysis.

This link/page is worth reading to the end and cross referencing everything contained as much as possible.

some of the info is defiantly sketchy, but some of it quite robust

After you get through all of that consider the Blood Brain Barrier is reduced during teething. This allows any toxins, easier access to the brain. The first link is a simple overview, the rest are peer reviewed articles from the NCBI web site.

So far I have not been able to find any studies regarding vaccine safety and effects when blood brain barrier is weakened. If you know of or find any, please share.
As you wander through the information, you will find some of the proceeding info, but I’ve copied and pasted some of the more easy to understand arguments below.

Herd Immunity

One of the primary arguments that is being used to justify this insane behaviour is “herd immunity. “The fact is that vaccination does NOT stop you from carrying bacteria or viruses in your nose, in your throat, in your intestines, in your airway, on your skin, or in your body.
But many do not understand the significance of this fact, and have been made to believe that if you’re vaccinated, you won’t carry viruses, and therefore, others will be protected because you’re vaccinated. As it turns out, this belief is NOT based on scientific fact.

Dr. Palevsky explains:

“This whole concept of herd immunity is very interesting, because we were taught that herd immunity occurs because a certain percentage of a population gets an active illness. Therefore by a certain percentage of getting the active illness, they impart a protection onto the remaining part of the population that has not gotten the illness yet. And so the herd that is getting the illness is shedding the illness and protecting those who have not gotten it.
In vaccine science, we are extrapolating or concluding that if we vaccinate a certain percentage of people; we are imparting protection on those who have not been vaccinated. And that has NOT been shown to be true, because the true herd immunity in theory is based on an ACTIVE DISEASE, and we know that despite what we’re taught, vaccination does not mimic the natural disease.

So we cannot use the same model of herd immunity in a natural disease in the vaccination policy. But unfortunately, we do use it even though it cannot be used because it doesn’t have scientific backing.
What’s most interesting to me is that the entire concept of herd immunity fails to acknowledge that there is a life cycle of the viruses and the bacteria all on their own, and that what turns them on and off may have nothing to do with the percentage of people who have been infected.
All you have to do is look at the SARS outbreak. That virus that we were supposed to fear didn’t infect 70 or 80 percent of the population, which would then impart herd immunity on the 20 or 30 percent that didn’t get the disease.
This is because the virus itself had a life cycle of its own. And so it came and went without any percentage of the population being protected. There wasn’t herd immunity, and yet the virus died out on its own.
We fail to include that viruses have a life cycle, and that they are in relationship to other organisms and to us. Something activates them and something actually stops them, and it has nothing necessarily to do with the percentage of people who would have the illness or who have been vaccinated.
… It is preposterous to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. If, in fact, children are vaccinated, then why are parents and public health authorities afraid that non-vaccinated children are somehow carrying something that their children are not, when they should feel comfortable that their children are vaccinated? You can’t have it both ways.
You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no one else is carrying.
Combination and Multiple Dosing.
One issue that is frequently ignored is the potential harm from the synergy of combinations of vaccines, which have never been studied.
No one knows whether there’s interaction between the bacteria and the viruses in the vaccines administered as part of the childhood vaccination schedule, or if there is interaction in the trace thimerosal (which is still in some of the multi-vials of certain vaccines), or the large amount of aluminum that is in many of them.

Dr. Palevsky says:

“There is a scientist named Boyd Haley, who has actually looked into some of the vaccine ingredients and (1) what happens to nerve cells when you inject them in the lab to specific vaccine ingredients, and (2) what happens to the nerve cells when you keep adding another vaccine ingredient.

He specifically showed that in the presence of thimerosal, there’s a lot of damage to nerve cells. When you add aluminum to the thimerosal, you need less thimerosal to create the damage to the immune and nerve cells in the presence of aluminum.
Then when you add neomycin – an antibiotic in some of the vaccines – it potentiates the potency of nerve cell damage with aluminum and mercury together.
And when you culture the nerve cells and testosterone, versus estrogen, and you expose them to some of the vaccine ingredients like thimerosal, you actually see that the nerve cells that are exposed to testosterone are more damaged in greater amounts than the nerve cells that are bathed in estrogen.
That raises some concern because we do see that children with neurodevelopmental disorders are 4:1, boys to girls.
So you have to question whether testosterone actually makes children more vulnerable to exposure to toxins like mercury, aluminum or their combination.
None of these studies have been done in humans. People say, “We can’t do those studies.” And I say, “Why not?” They say, “It’s unethical.”
I say, “Well, if it’s unethical to do those studies on vaccine ingredients and combining them together, then it’s unethical to give the vaccines in general.”
So we’re missing a lot of important data that we won’t believe, and we’re also missing a lot of important data that we won’t accumulate because most of the studies that are done are by the manufacturers of the vaccines themselves.”
Note – J.B. – Then realise that the Blood Brain Barrier increases permeability during teething, which increases the potential of these toxins damaging brain function.

Natural and Induced Immunity.

When children are born, they develop natural immunity to hundreds, thousands, millions, and even trillions of microorganisms that they breathe in, eat, and touch through their skin. Their immune systems at the lining of their airways, at the lining of their intestines, and on their skin are actively protecting their body from the outside world.
Those immune systems that are intricately and specifically located in the linings are very important to create memory and protection to the organisms that they continue to breathe, eat, and touch.
That immune system response then has a domino effect on creating other memory and immune responses that give your body antibodies and protection.
That’s a very important step for how the immune system matures in our children. From the linings, the immune system receives information, sends out signals to all other parts of the immune system, and creates an immune response, memory, and antibodies. On the other hand, when you inject materials into your body, you are bypassing that crucial first step called the primary line of defence.
With vaccination you are just creating an antibody. That does NOT impart long-term immunity because it does not create the kind of memory that occurs when you breathe it in, eat it, or are exposed through the skin, and then go through the course of the natural disease.
Some people will argue that this is why we have nasal spray vaccines. However, again, you’re making the assumption that you have not already been exposed to the virus at some point, and you’re also making the assumption that exposure automatically leads to infection.
Exposure does not necessarily lead to infection. A lot of it has to do with the overall status of your immune system.

The Dangers of Adjuvants

Adjuvants are used in vaccines in order to create a sufficiently strong immunological response. Adjuvants augment your immunological response.
But there is clear evidence that adjuvants, like aluminum and squalene impair your immune system.
So while you may be getting the antibodies desired, you are, at the same time, damaging your immune system. Particularly in children, this can set them up to develop chronic illness.

Vaccine Safety Research

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) just raised $100,000 and continues to look for donations and sponsors to allow proper safety studies to be done by independent researchers, who aren’t going to influence the outcomes.
One study that looked at the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children does exist.
Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in April 2005, (
(05)00026-6/abstract ) (PDF of full study included “PIIS0091674905000266&rdquo

that looked at the health outcomes of children who are fully vaccinated, who are partially vaccinated, and who are not vaccinated at all.
All the investigators asked the parents to do was to report atopic illness. Atopic illness means allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever. The investigators were blinded, meaning they didn’t know which category the participants belonged to.
When they assessed the data, they found that the largest number of reports by parents of children with atopic illness were in the kids who were fully vaccinated. The second highest reports were in the families who are partially vaccinated. And the lowest number of reports was in the children who were unvaccinated…
The investigators performed a statistical analysis to see if the data was based on chance or on real statistical differences, and found there were statistically significant differences between these groups. They couldn’t understand how this was possible, because the generally accepted consensus is that vaccines are completely safe, and completely effective.
Based on this initial finding, we clearly need to do follow-up studies to ask the same question over and over again; repeat this kind of investigation with different populations across different parts of the country, to unearth the truth!

Dr. Palevsky says:
“Certainly, the issue has been raised about the special interests, the money that’s tied, the policies, how much money the vaccine manufacturers stand to make, the doctors who make decisions on vaccines, and how much money they stand to make. But we need the science and not this conspiracy theory...
If we just stay with the science, and really start to address the need for the science, and look at the fact that there is a lack of science, we will definitely see that more needs to be done.
We have not done due diligence.”

As Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), stated:

"The truth is, nobody knows how many vaccine victims there are in America, how many of the 1 in 6 learning disabled children; or the 1 in 9 with asthma; or the 1 in 100 who develop autism; or the 1 in 450 who become diabetic, can trace their chronic inflammation, disease and disability back to vaccine reactions that have been dismissed by public health officials and doctors for the past century as just "a coincidence.""
Or, if they aren’t dismissed as coincidence, they are dismissed on the grounds that there’s not enough data available to establish a “causal relationship.”

This is exactly the reason why unbiased vaccine safety studies are so desperately and urgently need.

This page is littered with Vaccine studies, unfortunately none of them recent, as robust independent studies are just not being done now.

View Common Vaccine Reactions

You can also review the vaccine adverse event reports made by doctors and patients or parents themselves to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national surveillance database to which anyone can post a vaccine reaction report. VAERS was established in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which requires health professionals to report serious health problems, including hospitalizations, injuries and deaths, that occur after the administration of routinely recommended vaccines.
An important aspect of VAERS is that anyone can both read and post vaccine adverse events to this database. So if your doctor discounts your concerns about vaccination (or afterward, if your child regresses or gets ill after a vaccine), you can verify or report them yourself -- and people are doing just that when doctors or other vaccine providers refuse to report to VAERS after a vaccine reaction occurs.
You can access VAERS here, or you can go to, which provides an easy, powerful search engine for looking up specific reactions or vaccines in the VAERS database. With over 70 vaccines included, VAERS is a tool that can help you read descriptions of vaccine reactions and identify which vaccines are associated with the most side effects. It is important to know, though, that only a tiny fraction of serious health problems that occur after vaccination are actually reported. Studies have estimated that less than 10 percent, to as little as ONE percent of vaccine side effects are ever reported to VAERS, so the true side effects are easily FAR higher than the statistics show.


Other side effects from ALL vaccinations, can be from the effects following HYPER-stimulation of the immature immune systems of infants, will be the creation of lots of Allergies to all the things the victim has come into contact with following the hyper-stimulation of their immune system called 'Immunization' by 'Designer Diseases' to create either a temporary response to bacterial vaccines (because they are dead), and a permanent response to viral vaccines (because they are alive, or powerful proteins) creating the modern phenomenon of so many Allergies.
Allergies are made during the hours following vaccination, when immune systems are launched into full scale response, into such battle frenzy that EVERY FOREIGN PROTEIN that enters the body will be considered an enemy... confused with the enemy, so by de-facto an enemy.
There are foreign proteins in dust from dust mites; peanut butter has protein, so does the dairy that we used to raise our children on so well in the past. Thus, the immune system does its job well, attacking all the foreign proteins, which unfortunately, makes it so that everything, especially common foods, or spores in the air, or microbial colonies in dander, are all forms of proteins that are mistaken as enemies while in the heat of battle against the true enemy within the 'designer disease' of the vaccine... so, pets at home, dust in the air, milk from the cup will be marked as enemies forever, for Allergies are just immune system responses to common things.
Vaccinating immature immune systems creates most of the Allergies that exist today.


Graphs of diseases in Japan and America show the drastic decline in all diseases for children because of sanitation techniques that spread and worked so effectively. The first vaccine was the DPT in the 1940’s, and the next one was the MMR in 1967, since then, dozens have been added to the schedule for children. The antibody shots for Diphtheria and Tetanus had been made in the late 1800’s and they work better than vaccines in many cases, because they work 100% for being the actual antibodies. Vaccines force the body to make them, and it’s well known that everyone responds differently to them, and up to half are not effective in generating sufficient antibodies. But antibody shots are what they say they are, officially called ‘Immune Globulin’ shots (immunoglobulin), and GIVE the victim antibodies.
Remember, vaccines are not prophylactics in the real sense of the word; they do not prevent germs from entering the body. What they do is shorten the time that the germ is inside the body, which shortens the time it has to spread to others. That’s all. But that is the way to stop outbreaks, slowing down a germ. What really stops the spread of germs are toilets, septic systems, and clean running water, as we all know. And the only case in which vaccines are really needed is in Third World Countries where they are surrounded by sewage and lack nutrition, which is a unique situation that calls for desperate measures. Vaccination for tetanus would be needed by every mother and child giving birth on a dirt floor in Africa, but not in first world countries.
Japan realized as sanitation practices were perfected that vaccines were killing more babies than saving them from hypothetical diseases, and they stopped all vaccinations completely in 1975, and then re-instated a voluntary program ONLY for children over 2 years of age.
Note – J.B. – I don’t know if this is true or different now for Japan.

I could fill 100 more pages readers, but it’s unnecessary. The links and info provided should induce a certain amount of caution when thinking about vaccines.
Thalidomide, smoking, Mercury, fluoride, GMO crops, have all had scientific studies done proving they are safe for human use.
Remember the smoking arguments, the scientific studies paid for by the Cigarette Companies that proved it was safe? The amount of money they threw at scientists to prove it safe? Why did it take so long, for people to finally believe it was actually unsafe?
Thalidomide only 50 years ago was unleashed on a population that didn’t question until it was too late. 10 of thousands of children born with horrible disfigurements, half died, half lived. They have still not been compensated by Grünenthal.
The jury is in on fluoride, we all know it’s toxic, why is it still in our water. It makes the water taste bad and does absolutely nothing for teeth. Dentistry is thriving in Australia.
GMO crops… Yeah, I’m sure the scientists are right on this one. Same company that produced, Agent Orange, DDT, Aspartame, helped build “the bomb”, PCB’s, recombinant bovine somatotropin, “Terminator Seeds, and food that kills bugs.
There was and is big money in all the above. My point is that when big money is involved you are almost always guaranteed corruption and lies. The vaccine machine has tentacles in almost every country on earth. That represents an enormous customer base, if not the biggest in the world. They are virtually immune to investigation and prosecution. About 40% of current vaccines have been introduced since 2004. Some have been withdrawn and reintroduced as late as 2011. In 1980 there were only 3 or 4 vaccinations depending on your country. In some countries now an 18 year old can have up to 64 shots, your average shot going for $130.00 Australian a pop. Do the math on that kind of money. Their making more money than the cigarette companies.
Vaccines are in their infancy, and they are in our infants. The long term effects are impossible to know. But the vaccine manufactures will tell you their perfectly safe. But the truth is they have no way of knowing that. Most of our known vaccines have been around no longer than 30 years. Not me, not you, not any scientist out there can prove that vaccines are safe for the 2nd and 3rd generations, let alone those now, who are already screaming at the top of their lungs that children are having adverse reaction as a result of vaccines.
Adverse reactions aren’t diseases, they are poisonings.
“To see the farm is to leave the farm”. A broad overview is required to see the problem. Those invested in one part of the problem; do not have the ability to see
the whole problem.      
Health does not come in a needle. Never has, never will.
I wish for you to be at peace with one another, and to love one another affectionately, be kind to your enemy, love your neighbours, share amongst yourselves, and speak for the edification of your fellow man.

Jeremy Barnes.


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