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The Verge reports "In its continued efforts to clean up and optimize your News Feed, Facebook today announced plans to start penalizing pages that bait users into liking and sharing content. Facebook specifically pointed to three kinds of posts it plans to pull from user feeds: "Like-baiting" posts that ask users to like or share a spammy image; "Frequently Circulated Content," which ostensibly aims to scrub out "reposts," as a Redditor might call them, from the News Feed; and "Spammy Links," posts that use deceptive formatting to trick people into clicking. "For instance, often these stories claim to link to a photo album but instead take the viewer to a website with just ads," a Facebook blog post on the update reads."

So now Fascist Book will even further control what you see in your feed. This seems absurd to me when they give members the opportunity to hide posts and not see items posted by any they consider spammers. Is this really such a big deal? Who doesn't want to invite people to like something they've possibly poured their heart into before posting and wishing for support from friends or family.

One of my friends is currently sharing a picture of their child repeatedly asking for votes on a website page to make her cutie pie the most popular picture on the site this week. I gladly went and voted. Would that have been considered as spam?

As many are noticing and complaining about lately, facebook already decides which of your friend's or pages' posts you will see the most of. Pages especially are taking a hit because only a small percentage of people who like them will actually see what gets posted. They want pages to buy ads. I can't blame them for wanting to make money but for the user wouldn't it be better if every one who liked their page got to see the posts? And wouldn't it be better if the members themselves decided whether or not to like something that asks them to like it or not?

Gee, there ought to be a site people could use that wouldn't hand them so many restrictions while spying on them and collecting their information in a manner that would make NSA jealous. Oh Wait! There is such a site! If you are reading this, you are visiting that site right now!

Try out TeamNetworks.Net for more options, less restrictions, NO spying and support a home grown network made up of extraordinary people who do what they do because they care, not because they want to control. Sign up today and bring your family, friends and business associates with you! Stop supporting Fascist Book, you will be glad you did.

Wanda Hope Carter is online.
I would appreciate facebook friends sharing this as it contains an invitation to TeamNetworks.Net
  • April 11, 2014
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