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The Journey to New and Different

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Atumn equinox arrives on the day the movers will be here. My home is now a house, a very messy one at that. I can't picture how I can be done by Friday with the packing but I plug away at it anyway. 

I has a mega sad when I look around.

Possibly the most unique thing about my situation is that I don't know if anything I have planned about the sale of the house or the purchase of the new seastead will happen. Yet, I toil till exhaustion as if they wiil. 

This time next week I will either be homeless or heading to a new destination. How exciting?! How exhausting! I can't wait until the first day I can sleep in after sleeping in the entire night before as well.

The more I do, the more it looks like needs to be done. 

Onward and upward! 

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