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Benefits, Rates, Acceptable Guidelines, Instructions, Tips, Disclaimer

There are three ways to advertise on TeamNetworks.Net. Sponsoring is covered below.

Ad Campaigns are covered HERE. Advertising. Selling through the Marketplace is covered HERE.


What Is Sponsoring and How is it Different Than Ad Campaigns?

Ad campaigns allow you to make a free standing ad that may convey a variety of information and link to an address outside of TeamNetworks.Net. Sponsoring allows you to advertise something you posted on TeamNetworks.Net and the ads appear in different areas of our pages than campaigns.


We may occasionally change the types of items that can be sponsored from time to time but generally, photos, videos, audio files and marketplace listings can be sponsored allowing you to promote your posts to members and visitors over a period of time in a prominent way.


Rates are based on your membership level and may change without notice without affecting existing sponsorships in progress.The rate per CPM (Cost per thousand views) is located on the sponsor interface page, as shown in an image below. 

Example - Sponsoring a Photo:

All items that can be sponsored use the same methods regardless of what type of post it is. In this case we are showing how to sponsor a photo. You can find the tab to sponsor an item in three places: Through the action arrow located at the bottom right or under the item as it appears on the index page. (You may need to mouse over the item to see the tab) And on the same index page, by clicking the sponsor your item link under the currently sponsored listings. AS SHOWN BELOW->


Or you can open the item and look for the Actions tab to the top left of it and select sponsor there. AS SHOWN BELOW->



Once you have selected to sponsor an item, it will take you to an interface page where you can select targeting, start date, campaign name and number of CPM that you wish to purchase. Once you fill this out hit the submit button and it will calculate your cost and refer you to our pay pal payment center. AS SHOWN BELOW->

Acceptable Guidelines:

The items you publish on our site are subject to our general policies related to acceptable content so anything you've posted in line with these policies is acceptable for sponsoring.


There is no limit to what you can promote with sponsorships. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Personal Items - Celebrate and Brag About - a new birth, your pet doing tricks, your grandmother's 90th birthday, the video of you rocking it on karaoke night, the wedding dance that went wrong.

Professional Items - Promote - a grand opening, new location, services you perform, show off your last completed project, the things you sell whether in our marketplace or at your place of business.

Political Items - Share Ideas - quotations, a speech by your favorite politician, info-graphs, pictures of elected officials caught in the act - whether good or bad Wink


We make no claim or guarantee about the quality of views or clicks that your ads may achieve due to ip masking, members who may not record accurate location information if any, a varying visitor to member ratio of viewers and other factors out of our control, nor do we guarantee the length of time it may take to achieve any number of views or clicks.

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